DIY Mason Jar Pumpkins


We’re sooo close to the weekend and yet it feels like it’s still forever away! It’s been a busy week and I’m ready for a little slow down.  Last night, we took pictures for our Christmas card and while it was 46 degrees out (no joke) we managed to get some cute ones 🙂 Can’t wait to share a few with y’all soon enough!

I’m back today to share how to make my cute little entry way pumpkin so many of you have asked about!

You’ll need:

20-21 mason jar lids (all the same size)

Orange spray paint

Twine/orange string

Cinnamon Sticks


First, spray paint the mason jar lids.  I sprayed the one side first and let dry for quite a few hours then turned them over and sprayed the other side.


I put them on cardboard to make sure I kept all the spray paint in one place 

Make sure to spray the sides really well if you don’t want any of the silver peeking through!


One side sprayed!

I let them dry over night in order to ensure they are completely dry before assembling.

Next, you will put string through all of the mason jar lids – it’s important to make sure all the lids are facing the same way to help with the fanning out process later.


Once they are all facing the same way with the string through them, tie the string as tight as possible so the lids are almost overlapping.


You’re almost done 🙂 You’ll fan out the lids to your liking to create the pumpkin shape.


Lastly, you’ll place some cinnamon sticks in the middle – I added the burlap “leaves” as an extra piece but it’s not necessary.


And that’s it – you’re done and ready to find a cute place for it 🙂


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