Weekend Wednesday!

It’s the middle of the week and I’m just now finally sharing our weekend in Milwaukee!  It’s been a crazy work week already and I’m working for the weekend! We spent this past weekend in Milwaukee with my BIL and his girlfriend and took a quick detour to Madison to see my nieces, sister and dad – it was such a fun weekend even though it was short!

Just a warning.. there’s a TON of pictures so get some coffee and cozy up 🙂

Friday was definitely a day for Starbucks and a Pumpkin Spice Latte – I mean, let’s be real.. every day is a good day for it but Friday was particularly cold so it was extra tasty!


And a selfie because why not!?

We stopped by Cracker Barrel for a gift card quick and I totally forgot how much fun their little store is!


Cute little porch..

I found the most perfect mug… since working from home I definitely look flawless when I wake up 😉


We then ate at a bar that was decked out in Halloween decor 🙂


Love any place that celebrates holidays!

And even saw my Dad for a hot minute and meal 🙂


We then headed down to Milwaukee to start our weekend with my BIL and his girlfriend!

First stop… the Lakefront Brewery!


I’m not the biggest beer drinker #idontlikeitatall BUT the tour was a fun time! I’m not sure what was more entertaining.. the tour itself or the people on it!


Definitely lots of different characters!! We headed to dinner at Mo’s Irish Pub and I didn’t even take a picture but my ribs and potatoes were yummy!!

The next morning the boys golfed and Erika and I set out for the Farmer’s Market.


We ended up with only some beautiful fall blooms and a stick of brussel sprouts but it was a fun time exploring a new city!  We hit up a cute little pumpkin patch on our way back home (after a stop for a PSL- hey, it was so cold out, that we clearly NEEDED it!).

The boys met us there (after waiting for what seemed like forever!) to pick out their pumpkins to carve later that night!

Love weekends full of fun and seasonal things!


Love him ❤

We then headed to Cedarburg to attend their Oktoberfest! Let me tell you.. that is the cutest little town with such a cute downtown area!  I was already looking up homes in that area because clearly we should be living in a cute little town like that 🙂

We ate at the Farmstead and it was such a cute little place (did I mention this town was so cute?? :)).  The others in the car were a little weary since it literally looks like a house (150 year old farmhouse) and didn’t have a sign but they were happy I made them go in 🙂

It was pretty dead when we got there but by the time we left, there was only 1 open table in the whole house!

We then headed down to Oktoberfest.. with a first stop at the Cedar Creek Winery which is the sister winery of my favorite Wollersheim Winery so I knew it would be love at first taste.. and it totally was!!


Sooo good! We met up with Logan’s cousin, Allie and her friend and hit up the fair grounds!


We stuck around for a little bit having a drink and watching the fun activities going on!


typical Griedl boys selfie 🙂

Next, we were on the prowl for some good caramel apples!

We found Amy’s shop and while they aren’t Little Farmer.. they were still pretty good 🙂

We headed home after stopping by an ice cream store and a few others to carve some pumpkins and bake some pumpkin pie!  Logan was obsessed with making a pumpkin pie from scratch.. roasting a “sugar pumpkin” and all but finally he was convinced to do an easier one with pureed pumpkin instead!

Erika’s only rule: the boys have to do it all and clean it all up if they want it! And that they did..

We watched Halloween Baking Wars while carving pumpkins and the boys made 8 different flavors of pumpkin seeds!


somehow they all turned out pretty good 🙂

It was a short weekend but we definitely packed it full (thanks Erika for the planning!).  We’re already looking forward to our next weekend with them!  And if anyone knows of some homes available in the Cedarburg area, let me know 😉


7 thoughts on “Weekend Wednesday!

  1. Amber says:

    Loved seeing you pictures! SO crazy my friend lives in Port Washington and works in Cedarburg! Her husband was stationed in VA where I live and that’s how we met, but has moved back to Port Washington. I went to visit her a few years ago and we went to Cedarburg and it’s so pretty! Literally make me want to move there haha.


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