Show & Tell Tuesday.. Scary Story Edition!


Happy Tuesday!  Let’s all be happy it’s not Monday and one day closer to the weekend, already.

Today, I’m linking up with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday and I’m sharing a “creepy” story that happened from quite a few years ago… 11 years to be exact!

And some pictures that have nothing to do with this blog post – because otherwise it’s boring!

Thankfully, I don’t have a lot of scary stories to tell… *knock on wood*!  A little back story – I always liked to watch scary movies (that’s basically all I did with my bff from college.. ALL.THE.TIME!) – all the new or old movies we’d find at the movie store- we’d rent! I also watched all the actual Halloween movies over and over with my Grandma and we’d get so excited when it was time for them to be on TV!  But since then, I haven’t watched a lot of them (my husband isn’t a fan!) so i’ll take all the non-scary stuff any day now!

Random Halloween pictures because I can’t find any from when we were so little!

When I was really young, we’d go to my Grandparents house for Halloween and all us cousins would go trick-or-treating together.

Costume switch years later from the first picture 🙂

My Grandpa passed away a few days before Halloween ( in 2005 ) and his funeral was on Halloween.  After the funeral and into the night, we all went trick or treating together again (before heading back home to FL) – and when we came back into the house we looked in the sun room and all of a sudden, there was a person dressed up as Michael Myers (knife and all) by the back door.  He was just standing there and we had no idea where he came from or who he was!  We all tried talking to him and joking around but he didn’t make any noise and after a few minutes, he turned and walked out the door.

Image result for michael myers

My Grandma joked that maybe it was my Grandpa playing a trick on us already but we were all SOO creeped out!  I think my Grandma found out later that it was a neighbor from down the road (whom she didn’t really know!) but at the time (and still…) it’s creepy!  Who does that?! We also realized he went into the fenced in backyard and let himself in the back door.. so weird!

Check back here tomorrow for all my recent fall outfits – there’s some really great ones! AND I’m showing our fall home tour on Thursday so check back for that too!

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Do you have any scary stories?! Or fun Halloween stories?!


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