Weekend Whereabouts!

Happy Monday, y’all… I’m not sure if that’s such a thing but it’s almost Tuesday which means it won’t be Monday forever!  This weekend was SO great!  The hubs and I had a full weekend with no plans and the world at our finger tips.. or at least Minneapolis 😉

Friday night was a nice chill night!  The hubs met a friend at a brewery for a few brewski’s before heading home and I de-cluttered our kitchen.. Win win, right?! We caught up on Mr. Robot (does anyone else watch that crazy show?!) and then hit the hay! The hubs got up real  early Saturday to meet a buddy for golf.. no thanks! And I set out shopping because why not?!


Yes, I totally took a “mirror selfie” in Kirklands! You have to try the mirrors out, am I right?!

I went to Kirklands first to browse since I hadn’t been there in years.. and it did not disappoint! So many monogram items which as you know.. I LOVE! And also tons of fun Halloween and fall decor! I stopped by B&BW for a few candles because supposedly they were all on sale ($12.50) and I had a $10 off coupon.. Little did I know it was a select few that were on sale.. and of course not the ones I went there for but I got some anyways because fall candles are my life.



After shopping a bit, the hubs and I hit up some Bingo at Wild Bill’s in town!  We used to go all the time but then adult life happened and apparently we’re too busy for that fun stuff! We didn’t win which always gets me so mad.. and the guy across from us won twice in a row so I clearly wasn’t feeling that!  I did, however, enjoy some Mimosas and queso so I guess I did actually win after all 🙂


While the hubs enjoyed playing some Buck Hunter game.. I played with him but my gun seriously DID NOT work!! Every time I shot, nothing happened so I kept getting 0% accuracy and 0 points.. I refuse to play ever again!!!


I had a few choice words about it but then moved on and made the hubs take a selfie with me and Big Buck.. he clearly wasn’t impressed! #nosurprise #hesembarassed

After blowing all our money at Bingo – we decided to hit up a charity event that our friend told us about, for Underground Rescue and it was at a brewery in Minneapolis so it was a double win!  Seriously though…


We were in love with Ozzy.. unfortunately (fortunately for him!) he was adopted before we could even make a decision!!

I could have taken home every single dog, no problem!! The hubs wasn’t on board for 3 dogs (since we already have Destin and Leinie) until he met Oliver….


We aren’t huge fans of Chihuahuas normally but this little guy LOVED my husband!  His story was so sad- he’s about 7 years old, he is blind in one eye (from glaucoma) and has been treated so badly his whole life!  He doesn’t love being on a leash (as he was yanked so much for breeding) and is nervous around men (surprisingly he liked Logan!) but he’s great with kids and other pups -so sweet!!  He’s currently with a foster family thankfully but he needs a forever home!


And so do all these pups and so many more!! If you’re looking to add a little bundle to your family or even to foster some doggies, please look into Underdog Rescue! It’s such a great organization and they really are looking to help as many dogs as possible!

After the event, we headed to Jess and Jeff’s house to catch up a bit and for a few drinks (and snacks of course, because I need to eat every 20 minutes or you’ll hear “I’m hungry!!” 50 times!).


Jess set out little snacks for us (and wine, duh!) and let me tell you.. the Tostitos Spinach Dip is so good!! I know it’s pre-made and probably doesn’t sound like it would be the best but it’s definitely an easy and quick snack!

We came home for the night and were in bed by 11! Totally my kind of night 🙂 Sunday was a day of decorating for fall (I’ll be sharing our house tour with the fall decor later this week!), grocery shopping and crossing things off my honey-do list for the hubs!


Finally got the mirror hung!! Ignore the no make up, hair up look 🙂

It was such a simple but FUN weekend! Love weekends home with the hubs! I have lots of fun posts coming to you this week (Fall tour of our home, the hubs favorite and easiest breakfast AND that White Chocolate Pumpkin Snickerdoodle recipe that so many of you have asked about!) so keep your eyes out!

And if you really want to make sure you don’t miss a post, click on the menu button (or on the side of the screen if you’re on a computer!) and click follow by email – put in your email and viola! You now get my posts to your email directly so you don’t have to worry about missing any! 🙂



9 thoughts on “Weekend Whereabouts!

  1. Melanie says:

    Queso! Great minds think alike. However, I could never have a mimosa with queso. No!!!!

    BINGO! I would love to play Bingo for money. Sign me up.

    And where you are to wear long sleeves and a scarf, please let me come. It’s still in the 90s here! 😦

    Btw- I can’t reply to your comments via email. You’re a no-reply commenter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • happilyevergriedls says:

      I am crazy about queso and mimosas so surprisingly they went ok together 🙂 I’m in MN and wishing for the 90s weather still! High of 65 today and tomorrow, crazy! Thanks for letting me know about the comments, I’ll fix that! 🙂


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