This is my confessions…

I blinked and it’s already end of day Thursday.. SCORE!! I thought I’d share just a couple random thoughts… because you’re all interested, duh! 🙂 Some are awkward and some are greeeeaaattt!  And a few pictures because blog posts are kinda boring without pictures!  Does anyone have these thoughts?!

  • Instagram Pictures: What do I write about the picture before I post it?  Do I put a long descriptive post, short and sweet post, just emojis or nothing?!  My “witty” self struggles every time!!

Real life: Awkward! Has nothing to do with this post but posts are boring without pictures!

  • Coupons: So I am TERRIBLE at using coupons!! I always keep some on the fridge and just completely forget to use them and then 6 months later, I realize they’re expired.. BUT on this particular Wednesday I decided to buy a ton few cutesy Halloween things from Michaels and remembered to look up their coupons!  They just so happened to have a 20% off coupon and after I got up to the register with all my purchases – they said the coupon doesn’t actually start until 4pm.. IT WAS A WEDNESDAY!! Stupidest thing ever.. shows that I guess I really shouldn’t try to use coupons!!
  • Mirror selfies: How do people get the “perfect” mirror selfies?! When I have a cute outfit on, I’d like to document it.. because it happens so rarely BUT I can never get the angle just right, or the lighting.. it’s a serious struggle! Any pointers?

See what I mean??

  • Jeans to formal occasions: Why would anyone wear jeans to a wedding…?? I have never understood that!  I know some weddings are casual but it’s a wedding.. dress up a little bit at least! Plus it’s an excuse to get cute pictures taken looking nice 🙂
  • Old school beats: Suga’ Suga’ circa 2003 came on the radio yesterday and it was the best day ever!  I can still remember doodling in my school planner the lyrics to this song 🙂 Anyone else feel me on that song??
  • Catfish: How does anyone still get Catfished?? Love the TV show but seriously.. it’s 2016 people!
  • Love: The fact that it’s almost October which is basically November and that’s almost to December.. so it’s basically Christmas next month!! And guess who’s excited for that?!

Cheers to Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Christmas! 🙂

  • Cups: I don’t understand the fact that my husband finds it necessary to have 20 cups of water next to his bed at all times.. I don’t get it..


Those are my random thoughts for Thursday! What are random things that cross your mind??

Hope you all have had a fabulous week!! Come back tomorrow for my Friday Favorites 🙂



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