The last of the weddings…

Whew.. and just like that, wedding season is over for us and suddenly we have some free weekends! #iwish #howaretheweekendsstillfull

This last wedding was such a great one to end our summer with.. it was for two great friends and it was just a plain old fun time!

I wish I had a ton of pictures to “document” our time but it turns out, we were too busy dancing and enjoying our time to take some!  But don’t worry, I have a few to keep your interest 🙂


Obligatory picture of the Bride with a “Bridal” Starbucks cup 🙂


How cute is Audrey?! Seriously… such a sweet girl!


Nails done.. check! Now let’s get to the party and getting this girl married 🙂

Friday night, we had the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner (are those both really capitalized?) for the wedding at Stella’s 97 in Forest Lake.  Such a cute place on the golf course- the hubs and I got there WAY early so we enjoyed a drink on the patio!


A) I love this husband of mine and B) what is going on with my eye?! Apparently there’s a little “sparkle” in there!

We all visited for a while with some drinks before the rehearsal started and then did a few “run throughs” for the big day!  Dinner was family style and boy was it good!  We had chicken, steak, hash and teriyaki green beans.. yum!! It makes me hungry just thinking about it! And the mini bundt cakes.. to die for! Honestly.. I need to make myself some and hope they’re as good as Nothing Bundt Cake! 🙂


The bridal party with the Bride! 


Love this girl.. can’t believe she’s married!! 

Apparently I did take just a few pictures Friday night!


The Bride and her new Nephew!

Our bridal party gifts.. total win!

Had to get a picture of the Bride & Groom practicing their dance for the big day when they thought no one was watching! So sweet! 🙂

The girls headed back to a house the Bride rented for the night (and I wish I would have taken a few pictures of it because it was a dream!) while the boys dispersed to different locations (the hubs went home!).  That next morning, I was first up for hair and we kicked off the morning with an egg bake, bacon and some mimosas! We also had bridal movies playing throughout the day.. Such a cute touch and so much fun 🙂


Woo for Wedding Day!! 


Makeups almost done!!


Pretty pretty!! Almost ready to head to the Barn!

We met at the barn and finished getting ready for the day and onto pictures we went!




Fun fact: One of my BFF’s Jess was the photographer at their wedding.. She’s seriously AH-MAZING!! So I’m dying to see all the pictures! 🙂

The ceremony was so sweet (Elaine’s brother married them!) and it seemed it went off without a hitch!

Can we just talk about how beautiful all the flowers were for the wedding?!  They were all done up from the Farmer’s Market and serious swooning was going on!!


Elaine was seriously SUCH a beautiful Bride.. I can’t even tell you how much amazing it was to see her get married!


Quick selfie of the Bridesmaids before running out after the “First Look” for pictures!

The rest of the wedding consisted of eating, drinking and dancing! My kind of night 🙂

Oh my.. I almost forgot the story of my hubby’s pants..


You can see them more in this picture.. he ordered the pants (2 pairs to make sure he got the right size!) a few months ago (I think months?!) as soon as Adam had sent out the link to the groomsmen and once he got them in, we didn’t think much of it.  On the afternoon of the wedding (1:20 pm) I get a text from my hubs saying “I think I have the wrong pants…” to which I responded “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!” and also “You’re no longer in the wedding!!” #abitdramatichuh And later found out, the hubs ordered the wrong colored pants (basically white compared to the tan color they were supposed to be!) and the only store in town was a thrift store.. so off he went with the right colored pants to find a pair to match- best $2.50 he spent?! Probably so!! That’s the reason they look a little “Grandpaish” if you were wondering why they had so many pleats! Boys.. 🙂

 Jess said she’d take a picture for my blog- and the girls were all in! Funny that just when you think no one really reads this little space, you get surprised every now and then 🙂  These sisters were pretty sweet 🙂 Good to see you girls again!!


And the Bride with Jess before she headed out! 

Can I just say that Jess Nolan – Photographer is beyond incredible.. she did one set of our engagement pictures and also did a second shoot for us with our wedding attire.. If you need a wedding/engagement photographer in the MN area.. you definitely need her!! You can thank me later 🙂 And if you aren’t convinced yet..

Sneak peek of the wedding taken by Jess Nolan – Photographer

You’re welcome 🙂

so so good!! Such a fun weekend.. seriously.. now I need to recover from the hubby’s birthday and the weekend!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week!


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