Stranded- Movie Edition!


I apologize for my LOOOOOONNNGGG hiatus from blogging!  We’ve had some personal things going on and I just needed a little break! But I am back and ready for some fun posts 🙂   I’m joining Erika to talk about my stay on a deserted island and what we’d bring-MOVIES style!

What 3 movies I’d take on a deserted island and watch over and over again?!

Erika listed this movie and it’s without a doubt my FAVORITE movie.. Yes, I know it’s a chick flick but let’s be real.. it’s just so darling!!  Ask my hubs and he will tell you hands down- this is my favorite movie 🙂


Ugh, such a good movie! I get so giddy when I see it on TV 🙂


Of course, I’d have to have a Christmas movie with me 🙂 It would be hard to pick just one.. Can I just have all the Hallmark Christmas movies?!  I just love how cute this one is – and all the fun Christmas traditions in it!


Apparently I’ve been living under a rock because I just saw this for the first time, maybe a week ago and OH.MY.GOSH!  Such a sweet and cute movie!  Of course, I cried a million times during it but it’s just a sweet movie!  Love the dynamic between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan 🙂 Definitely would be bringing this one with me!

What 3 movies would you bring with you to a deserted island?!  Are you more for romantic comedies or horror movies?!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the recipe for Slow Cooker Chicken Cordon Bleu- finally!!


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