My Favorite Holiday!!

Happy September 1! How crazy is it that summer is over and all the kiddos are either heading back to school today or they only have a few more days..

I thought now that summer is “over” I’d let you get to know me a little better.. Because #duh and I’d share what my favorite holiday is and why, because everyone wants to know that about people right?! I know I love to know that about other people! 

Ok Moving on..

You might not know but.. I am a HUGE holiday person!  I mean, every holiday is a big deal to me #askmyhusband #hesaysimcrazy.  I love going all out for decorations and/or cute themed holiday outfits!  Life is just more fun that way; living in celebrations!

I truly love celebrating every holiday but nothing compares to my unhealthy obsession love of Christmas!  There’s just something about the holiday season that warms my heart!  It used to be that I loved the holiday because I loved receiving gifts from Santa and baking Christmas cookies with my Mama but has turned into my love for the actual season of Christmas! There’s just something magical about it!

Oh how I love Christmas..

let me count the ways (and what makes it my favorite holiday)…

  • Holiday Movies (seriously OBSESSED! And loved when Hallmark did Christmas in July!) Is anyone else obsessed with these?! A few of my favorites are A Very Mixed-Up Christmas, Naughty or Nice, Help for the Holidays, A Christmas Detour, Matchmaker Santa, etc.  

Clearly there’s not many Christmas movies I don’t like!!  Of course I love movies like Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas are amongst my top faves too!

  • Giving gifts (big or small); I realized many years ago just how wonderful it truly is to give gifts instead of receive them!  I love to make anyone and everyone feel special so anything little or big I can do, I’m totally game!

  • All of the lights – it’s just amazing how beautiful the nights are with those things!
  • Christmas Trees.. there’s something so magical about picking out the perfect tree and decorating it to represent you and your hubby!  But to be honest, I will go into any store or restaurant/bar that has a Christmas tree! I just LOVE looking at them!

Give me some PSL, Mimosas and Christmas music and i’m set 🙂

This was before I met the hubby.. I even made all of my college roomies help me decorate every year.. Wish I took more pictures of this particular year.. Ashley’s comment when she saw our place was “It looks like Santa puked all over”! #winning

  • Christmas music– OH.MY.GOSH….. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I truly  LOVE those songs 🙂 I even listen to them year round (well a song here and there!).  There’s something so special about those songs.. Most bring me to tears and others have me jamming out 🙂 Some of my favorites are…

I don’t think there’s a single Christmas song that I don’t like!

  • Grasshoppers (I know these aren’t a Christmas drink but..)- these just remind me of Christmas time!


I could seriously eat these #alldayeveryday

Our favorites are from Jax Cafe!

  • Christmas DIYs – I really LOVE Christmas decorations but I hate to spend $60+ on a small piece of garland.  So I am always trying to come up with fun DIY projects for around the house decorations!

    For instance I really LOVED this Christmas garland from Pottery Barn but at $90 a price point.. that’s just not realistic for me.  I made a few of mine own instead.. these pictures are from a few years ago so I’ll take some updated ones once I put up the newer garland 🙂

  • Christmas Eve Mass – And of course, there’s the real reason for the season!  It really is amazing and humbling.  I really enjoy this service because it is just so humbling to hear this journey and the incredibleness of Jesus Christ, our savior!
  • Baking Christmas Cookies & other treats – I just love baking Christmas cookies!  It makes me so happy to make some for coworkers and for the actual holiday!  This year, I’ve already started planning a cookie exchange with friends around the holidays!!


This past year, I didn’t get to do too many holiday celebrations since I was so busy with wedding planning but you better believe, i’ll be going all out this year!!

What’s your favorite Holiday? Do you have any fun traditions that the hubs and I should start? I’m always looking for more ways to celebrate holidays 🙂


7 thoughts on “My Favorite Holiday!!

  1. reocochran says:

    Belatedly, I came across this post. I love Christmas, then Easter, and enjoy Halloween. Thanksgiving is a nice dinner and gratitude. You listed great holiday suggestions. 🙂
    Happy New year and may it be the best in a long time!

    Liked by 1 person

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