Weekend Wrap Up!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post.. my in-laws were in town this past weekend and it was a full weekend at that!  Friday, we hit up the MN State Fair and it was their 4th year coming up for it!

We started out the morning with some Pupaccino’s because everyone deserves a little Starbucks to start off their morning 🙂

The hubs and his Dad golfed that morning and around 11 we set off to eat our way through the Fair!


The pork chops are always a favorite of mine!!

Next to the pork chops is the exhibit for Bentleyville Christmas Lights Tour and i’m pretty sure the last few years I keep telling the hubs we MUST go there… and this year you bet your butt we will be going 🙂


I just LOVE Christmas.. I can’t even tell you how much! But I’ll try next week 🙂


A selfie for the win 🙂


We ate so much food..

FullSizeRender (8)

Shaved ice is my other favorite!!!


Chocolate covered Bacon!


Candied bacon BLT

We also had a deep fried nacho supreme.. but that’s on the hubs phone apparently so we’ll skip the picture on that one 🙂

FullSizeRender (11)

Roasted Corn.. yum!!


The hubs and his siblings.. just missing his brother and Erika!


We had some BBQ Shrimp for dinner that night and it did not disappoint.. even after eating ourselves silly at the Fair!

Saturday, we had plans to move some stuff around the living room to make room for our couch which we’ll get on Friday! So it was a nice lazy morning that ended with some of us heading to the mall and others heading to Pinball 🙂

Around 3:00 the hubs and I headed out to LaCrosse, WI for a few hours (yes I know it’s a 3 hour drive there AND another 3 hours back) for our friend’s Surprise 30th birthday party!


It’s always so nice to catch up with them all and wish we could have stayed longer but it just wasn’t going to work out for us since our poor in-laws had to hang at our house without us while we were gone so many hours!


the boys from college.

FullSizeRender (12)

Love this girl!! Wish we could get together more often!


So much fun seeing my MOH! 🙂

About 8:30 we headed back home to finish off our night with the hubs family!

Sunday, we headed to an apple orchard (or two…) so we could pick our own apples!

First we headed to Pine Tree Apple Orchard and as it turns out.. they don’t ever allow pick-your-own apples..

honestly.. what fun is an apple orchard that you don’t get to pick apples at..??


So we ended up not purchasing anything..


at least it was a pretty view…


We headed back to the car to head to a different apple orchard.. one that we made sure we could pick apples at!!


This orchard is also a winery so there’s two wins there!

We picked some apples…

channeled our inner Desperate Housewives…


and just had a fun day before they headed home!




All in all it was a great weekend!  We are home again this weekend for Labor Day and i’m just so excited to chill, relax and get our new couch in!! I’ll share pictures after it’s all been done 🙂

Hope you all had fun celebrating the last weekend of August! I can’t believe we’re already almost to September.. time flies!


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