Life Lately.

Life lately has been so incredibly wonderful!  I know you’re thinking.. how can that be?! You haven’t had a wedding to blog about!? BUT let me just tell you…

Last weekend the hubs and I had our very first weekend home just the two of us since May! Yes you read that right… May! And as much as you’d think I wouldn’t care to add something like that into my blog since it might seem boring, you are darn wrong!  It was by far my FAVORITE weekend to date this summer!

Thursday, a week ago, we kicked off the night with dinner and catch up with some great friends that we don’t see often enough!


This picture is from LAST SUMMER…. apparently we haven’t taken any pictures together in the last YEAR.. as a foursome!

Normally i’m totally crazy about pictures (ask anyone!) even before the blog world BUT I decided to just soak in the night, food and great company and forgot to take a picture! They are our last wedding next month and the hubs and I are both standing up in it.. it’s going to be a blast!!

As I mentioned before, the hubs and I were looking for new living room furniture and were deciding between sectionals.. i’ll get to that in a minute BUT the hubs set out to shampoo our carpets in the meantime while deciding..


The hubs insisted on getting a picture like this… 🙂 Carpets all cleaned!

The hubs and I had a date night recently.. Pinball and darts for the win!


We also had a day date looking for a couch.. and stopped into Psycho Suzi’s for some pizza and cheese curds! 🙂


Because who wants to look at a blog with no pictures??

We didn’t decide on any furniture that day which meant more time on the floor..

Or ottoman in my case 🙂

I can’t even begin to tell you how nice the last few weeks have been!


We also were even able to catch up a bit on Mr. Robot’s new season!

I was able to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law for dinner one night to catch up with them since their wedding!

And that’s been life lately.  It’s been calm, quiet and just perfect!

We had the hubs family at our place this past weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow to recap our time at the State Fair, a quick trip to LaCrosse for a friend’s 30th and a fun trip to a few apple orchards!

Don’t forget the Nordstrom giveaway is still going on so head over there for more details!

Also… that post I promised you about my favorite holiday.. that’s coming up as well this week! Time to get back into the mix of all this jazz 🙂



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