Friday Favorites!

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It’s FINALLY Friday!! Woo! Is anyone else already counting down the hours until work ends?!  We have yet ANOTHER wedding this weekend.. I know what you’re thinking… we must be PROS at weddings at this point.. and you are right! 🙂 Or at least I’d like to think so! In fact, my first Friday Favorite topic is about a wedding we did this past weekend!


I know I just said “we did” not we attended (we did attend too!) but I actually helped put together a wedding in less than 10 days!  I wrote all about it here!  Long story short (you can read the details here and see all the pics!), my hubs cousin and his now wife decided they’d like to get married in less than 10 days!  It wasn’t their original plan but due to some unfortunate circumstances, that’s how it ended up! And to be honest.. I don’t think they’d have it any other way 🙂  Here’s a few sneak peek pics of the decor I decided on!

FullSizeRender (7)

My husband is very fortunate in that his whole family is very close and i’m very fortunate because they have accepted me into their little world and I couldn’t be happier!

FullSizeRender (8)

Welcome to the in-law clan Mariah! You are very lucky you get to do life with Ryan and his amazing family! You’ll fit in just great!


I went on a Segway Tour last week (and to my surprise, I am still alive to tell about it!) with my coworkers and recapped all about it here.  We toured the Mill City District in Downtown Minneapolis and the sights were beautiful to see!


Sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist in your own city and I definitely enjoyed this little ride!


We also were fortunate enough to go on a boat tour for work as well last week.  Because our company has employees all over (working from home), two times a year we all come together for 1 day of meetings and fun!


Love my little Underwriting crew 🙂 And Ashley!


FullSizeRender (7)

Our view before getting on the boat!


I have to rave about this “Game Day” clothing (and accessories) website that is having amazing deals right now!  I ordered 2 dresses and with shipping, it was under $20!!  I can’t wait to style my FSU apparel once I get it in the mail!

Leighton Strapless Maxi Dress | Fashion | Mud Pie

This dress is $8.99!! And is perfect Nole colors 🙂

I couldn’t decide if I’d really wear the maxi because with having larger boobs, strapless’ are NOT normally comfy but for the price.. I couldn’t say no! And honestly.. the bow!! #anythingwithabow #givemeallthebows


I have to say… this isn’t a “favorite” but more of an update on what’s going on around our parts of the world!  Our little Leinie has been having some issues lately.. for those of you who aren’t around here much, that’s our pup!  About 2 weeks ago, she started licking the top of her paw.. I didn’t think anything of it until the hubs realized last week that she had literally licked it RAW.

Displaying IMG_7397.JPG

We were headed out of town and couldn’t get into the vet until this past Monday so we did what any sane person does… put a sock on her with some tape!!  Of course AFTER I texted one of our good friends who used to be an ER vet tech!

Displaying IMG_7404.JPG

We left her Christmas sock at my in-laws 😦

We saw the Vet on Monday and thankfully we caught it in time.  He said there was a sore on the raw spot unfortunately but gave us an antibiotic for her to put on twice a day for 2 weeks and keep it wrapped so she doesn’t keep licking!

Displaying IMG_7490.JPG

We got her some pink socks so I think she’ll be happy now! I’m so glad we got that taken care and hope that it “nips” it in the butt and once we’re done with the antibiotics she’ll forget all about licking 🙂


I must be on a roll because I usually don’t do 6 things BUT I had to mention that I saw the movie, Bad Moms and even though i’m just a puppy mama for now, it was HILARIOUS! I’m not kidding.. just so funny and light-hearted which was a nice change!

If you haven’t seen it yet or were on the fence about seeing it… Run, don’t walk to the movies tonight!! Such a great way to start your weekend 🙂

I’ll be back next week recapping our “last” wedding until September!!

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Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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