Stranded With

Happy Hump-Day!  Today, i’m linking up with Shay and Erika to share Three Pieces of Footwear that I’d take with me to a deserted island!  These are always so fun to join in on 🙂

First and most importantly… I’d take Rainbows!

I know I should have outgrown Rainbows since I’ve worn them for forever BUT y’all.. I can’t even describe my love for these flip flops!  They are so comfy and mold right to your feet!  I have taken them to the beach, um everyday in high school, and they really are the BEST flip flop and on a deserted island.. you can bet your butt i’ll be wearing these!

The second pair of footwear I’d bring with would be some good ol’ Ugg boots!

I know you’re thinking… umm this is a sandy island.. why would you ever want boots? And sheepskin ones?? BUT let me tell you.. if I’m stranded for FOREVER then it will eventually get chilly and if my feet are cold.. then it’s all over!  These will keep my toes nice and warm throughout the cool Fall and Winter season!

And last but not least.. warm socks!!

Perhaps these are a given and aren’t really what they mean when they said “footwear” but I NEED socks in order to fall asleep.. even in heat!  And I can’t wear my boots without a pair of socks.. gross!  These shea-infused socks are AH-MAZING so i’ll take 1 or 5 pairs of these please for the island 🙂

I wish I could say that I would bring a pair of heels but I am not that girl who can walk in the sand with heels or wedges on.. Wish I was but let’s be real.. Am I really going to be dolling myself up on this island? Probably not..

If you could only bring 3 pairs of footwear with you while on a deserted island.. which would you bring?


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