Wedding Weekend Recap!

Whew… I can’t believe it’s already Monday and my Brother is married!! We’ve been anxiously waiting for this weekend to start and it’s over in the blink of an eye!  It’s so amazing to spend time with the ones you love; friends and family from near and far and there’s just never enough time!!

It started off Friday afternoon for the rehearsal at such a beautiful venue; the rooftop of the Public Library in Stillwater, MN.  It’s overlooking the River and it’s seriously just beautiful!  Somehow I didn’t actually get a picture of the view so I took one from one of the groomsmen 😉

Beautiful view, right??


The hubs and I waiting for everyone before the rehearsal!

After the rehearsal, we set out to Pub 112 in downtown Stillwater for a few drinks and some snacks before the rehearsal dinner!

We ran back to the hotel quick after drinks and then it was off to set up the rehearsal dinner at Hoffman Park!

On the menu: Grilled brats, hot dogs and burgers, mini caprese bites, taco dip, pasta salad, chips, fruit.. and the list goes on!  A big ol’ barbecue to celebrate, per the bride and groom’s request!

Wish I would have taken a picture of the food set up!  My Mama had everything set out in watermelon bowls, platters and jars; so cute!!  It was such a relaxing evening with some lawn games and just visiting with the people we don’t get to see often enough!


Mama and me at the rehearsal dinner!


My brother and his wonderful groomsmen and officiant!


The bride with her bridesmaids, flower girl and sister-in-law!

In case you didn’t know… we’re BIG Packer fans so my Mama made sure to have a special cake just for the Bride & Groom!


The evening ended and the hubs and I headed home around 10:30 to prepare ourselves for the big party the next day!

Saturday am, we got up bright and early at 6, dropped the dogs off at a friends by 7:30 and were in River Falls by 8:20.. Talk about a whirlwind!  The hubs was in the wedding so he was with the groomsmen for breakfast bright and early!

After breakfast, this was my view in the parking lot of the hotel everyone was staying at!

Some mimosas, beer and a pull of Fireball!

I got breakfast with my Dad, Step Mom and Aunt quickly at Perkins while the boys got their stuff together and headed out to the Library to start getting ready!


Clearly VERY excited i’m doing her hair 🙂

I helped both my nieces get ready for the big event!

Quick selfie before getting into our bridal attire!

We got to the venue around 1:00 which was perfect because I was in charge of pictures, facilitating the day and a few other things!

Boys “get ready” room! Please note the bit of mess!

One groomsman helping “shave” the few pieces of chest hair that were peaking out!

I didn’t actually take any pictures of the ceremony but their photographer was amazing so I have no doubt I’ll be happy to share those when they get them 🙂

My sister and I after the ceremony!

Here’s a few of the groomsmen waiting for the Bride & Groom to get back from their private pictures!

After the ceremony (and a little bit of clean up!) we headed down to downtown Stillwater to a bar on the river- Waterstreet Grill Inn!

Bridal Shower Cheersing!

The lovely Bride & Groom and my new Sister-in-Law!

We headed to the reception around 5 to hang out a little bit before the Grand March!

They also had a really cool area with pictures and a “Memory Board” which showcased everyone they had lost over the years.  I wish I would have taken more pictures.. At this time, I was trying to just have some fun!

They had some lawn games outside and because it was such a beautiful night, everyone hung out outside for a few hours!

During dinner, in order to have the Bride & Groom kiss, you needed to sing a song with the word “Love” in it… I think our family definitely represented!!  My Niece and I started it off..

Then my Dad, Stepmom and niece went up..

There were also a few little girls who went in between (seriously the CUTEST thing ever!! So funny they weren’t timid at all!) and also the bridesmaids sang a song!

My Sister and T went up next…

Really feeling her “Phil Dunphy” moment 🙂

The hubs sang as well… he sure loves some Whitney Houston 🙂

The result of all the singing!

After dinner, they cut the cake that Anne’s sister-in-law made!

So sweet 🙂

Then dance floor opened up…

And we were dancing fiends!!

I didn’t get a ton of pictures on the dance floor since I was… umm belting out some tunes and having a dance party but love these ones of the groomsmen!! They were hilarious!

And some random pictures because #whynot??

Siblings on the dance floor.. we seriously LOVE to dance!!!

Absolutely LOVED seeing this girl and meeting her little ones.. cutest things EVER!!

I can’t even believe the small amount of pictures that were taken yesterday… I was clearly busy having fun and focusing on celebrating!!

I can’t forget the selfies with my beautiful nieces!!

Love love love them!

And because I loved their photographer… I have to share a few sneak peeks!! Seriously going to be SO good!

Can I just blow these up for my walls???

Can’t wait to share more of these beauties once they get them back!!

It was such a quick weekend and seriously so great! I love seeing my Brother so happy and I know they had the BEST.DAY.EVER!  So thankful for such wonderful people in our lives ❤

We’re back to work already and headed to Oshkosh this next weekend for another wedding!  I know… we have them 3 weekends in a row.. plus the other 6 that we’ve already attended this Spring/Summer!  It’s a good thing I love weddings! Summer has flown by and I’m not ready for it to be over!! 😦

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!


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