What’s Up Wednesday?!


The last Wednesday of each month, I team up with Shay and Sheaffer to chat about what’s going on in our lives!

We always answer these questions…

WUWquestions edit

And one additional question they put out there every month 🙂 Let’s get at it!

What we’re eating this week:

Slow cooker Chicken Cordon Bleu, Barbecue Chicken and Chicken Parmesan.. and most likely ending the week with a date night 🙂

What I’m reminiscing about:

Reminiscing about summer and all the weddings we attended!  I’m also reminiscing about the food we ate at the State Fair!


What I’m loving:

I’m loving Christmas movies!! I know it’s seriously crazy how obsessed I am; like there’s a problem clearly BUT I watched 3 Christmas movies this last week and I’m just so excited for the holidays- even if they are still 4 months away!

Image result for christmas with the kranks

I’m loving all the time we’re getting to spend with the ones we love!  We had the in-laws in town this past weekend and we’re visiting with my Mama next weekend! So much fun when we can all get together! Wish we didn’t live so far away!

FullSizeRender (3)


What we’ve been up to:

Note above: spending time with our families and friends!  Oh yeah.. and that thing called working!  As much as i’d love to list a million “fun” things we’re up to every day.. it’s just the same old work, work, work, work!


I also shopped the After Party Sale for Lilly Pulitzer last week and am waiting eagerly patiently for their arrival… I don’t understand how some have already received their packages when mine still says “Processing“.  I’m not the best with being patient.. can they just be sent yet?!?!

FullSizeRender (10)

What I’m dreading:

Summer ending.  Is that completely contradictory from when I talked about Christmas earlier? Eh.. Maybe. Oh well. I just love summer – there’s something about flip flops and dresses that get me!  It brings me back to a little piece of FL 🙂 I miss living there and this summer I had major withdrawals.. a trip in my near future?!


Such babies we were 🙂


Honestly, I  miss living there all the time… good thing I love my cute hubs 😉

What I’m working on:

Our living room!! We got one of our couches in (we ordered 2!) and our other one is supposed to be in this week. I’m interested to see how well they go together.. ugh my husband wanting a reclining sofa definitely messed up my ideas for our living room! Reveal soon enough 🙂

What I’m excited about:

A weekend home with the hubs!  We have 3 days with no plans really that I cannot wait for!  And getting our couch in so I can really see how it looks and hopefully finding a great rug for that area!  Any suggestions??

What I’m watching/reading:

See above: Christmas movies 🙂  The hubs and I are always looking for new shows/movies to watch so suggestions welcome!  We recently watched the movie The Martian with Matt Damon and while I thought I wasn’t going to be that interested… it was so good!  Definitely recommend!

We’ve also had on HardKnocks because my husband is obsessed! Anyone else watching that show?!

What I’m wearing:


Trying to turn my summer wardrobe into fall 🙂

What I’m doing this weekend:

Hanging out with my  husband! ❤  We also have a fun Labor Day celebration that a friend of ours is hosting on Sunday!  And we have plans to get lunch or dinner with some friends 🙂 I’m sure we’ll get a little bit of golf in as well!


What I’m looking forward to next month:

All things Fall and Pumpkin Spice! I shared my Fall Favorites over here!

What else is new?

Not much else around these parts! Just normal everyday things!

We’re almost to Friday….. let’s just get this week done so we can have a long weekend, ok?? Happy Hump Day!



Weekend Wrap Up!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post.. my in-laws were in town this past weekend and it was a full weekend at that!  Friday, we hit up the MN State Fair and it was their 4th year coming up for it!

We started out the morning with some Pupaccino’s because everyone deserves a little Starbucks to start off their morning 🙂

The hubs and his Dad golfed that morning and around 11 we set off to eat our way through the Fair!


The pork chops are always a favorite of mine!!

Next to the pork chops is the exhibit for Bentleyville Christmas Lights Tour and i’m pretty sure the last few years I keep telling the hubs we MUST go there… and this year you bet your butt we will be going 🙂


I just LOVE Christmas.. I can’t even tell you how much! But I’ll try next week 🙂


A selfie for the win 🙂


We ate so much food..

FullSizeRender (8)

Shaved ice is my other favorite!!!


Chocolate covered Bacon!


Candied bacon BLT

We also had a deep fried nacho supreme.. but that’s on the hubs phone apparently so we’ll skip the picture on that one 🙂

FullSizeRender (11)

Roasted Corn.. yum!!


The hubs and his siblings.. just missing his brother and Erika!


We had some BBQ Shrimp for dinner that night and it did not disappoint.. even after eating ourselves silly at the Fair!

Saturday, we had plans to move some stuff around the living room to make room for our couch which we’ll get on Friday! So it was a nice lazy morning that ended with some of us heading to the mall and others heading to Pinball 🙂

Around 3:00 the hubs and I headed out to LaCrosse, WI for a few hours (yes I know it’s a 3 hour drive there AND another 3 hours back) for our friend’s Surprise 30th birthday party!


It’s always so nice to catch up with them all and wish we could have stayed longer but it just wasn’t going to work out for us since our poor in-laws had to hang at our house without us while we were gone so many hours!


the boys from college.

FullSizeRender (12)

Love this girl!! Wish we could get together more often!


So much fun seeing my MOH! 🙂

About 8:30 we headed back home to finish off our night with the hubs family!

Sunday, we headed to an apple orchard (or two…) so we could pick our own apples!

First we headed to Pine Tree Apple Orchard and as it turns out.. they don’t ever allow pick-your-own apples..

honestly.. what fun is an apple orchard that you don’t get to pick apples at..??


So we ended up not purchasing anything..


at least it was a pretty view…


We headed back to the car to head to a different apple orchard.. one that we made sure we could pick apples at!!


This orchard is also a winery so there’s two wins there!

We picked some apples…

channeled our inner Desperate Housewives…


and just had a fun day before they headed home!




All in all it was a great weekend!  We are home again this weekend for Labor Day and i’m just so excited to chill, relax and get our new couch in!! I’ll share pictures after it’s all been done 🙂

Hope you all had fun celebrating the last weekend of August! I can’t believe we’re already almost to September.. time flies!


Fall Favorites!

Today I’m teaming up with Andrea to share some of my fall favorites!! I honestly blinked and summer is already coming to an end- it’s crazy how fast this summer went! Fast forward a few more weeks and the cooler weather will be here to stay.  While I love wearing sweaters… I don’t enjoy putting on closed toed shoes! #flipflopsforlife

Now what am I looking forward to…. let me just tell you…

  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes – I get so excited when I see the sign at Starbucks advertising for these bad boys!  The little spice just makes me so happy 🙂 Anyone else with me??

  • Fall Candles- I’m seriously in love with the candles at Bath & Body Works and have already had a few lit the last few days! A few favorites: Pumpkin Apple, Leaves, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Sweater Weather and Pumpkin Spice

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body WorksSweater Weather 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance 1037181 - Bath & Body Works

  • Fall Fashion – I’m partial to dresses and flip flops but I do love to cozy up in a comfy sweater with some leggings 🙂 I also like transitioning dresses to be more fall friendly!

  • Fall home decor- I love when it’s time to bring out the fall decorations and dazzle up our front porch (if you can call it that!) and the inside!  It makes me happy to see all the orange inside and all the Mums outside! Also- am I the only one who is obsessed with going into Hobby Lobby and looking through their fall aisles?! They  have the BEST signs and cutest decor!




  • Pumpkin Patches – Yes i’m an adult and yes i’m still in love with going to pick pumpkins out at the patch! 🙂 My poor hubs isn’t the biggest fan but he obliges to make me happy!  Carving them is another plus in my book! Love this tradition!
  • Fall meals – the slow cooker reminds me of Fall and Winter for some reason so I love when it’s time to make some White Chicken Chili or Chicken Cordon Bleu. I’ll be sharing these recipes soon enough so you can get a kick start on preparing for Fall!

I know it might not look the most appetizing but let me tell you.. so good!! 

  • Football and the Green Bay Packers – This is a given.. Fall just means it’s time for some football and I am perfectly  happy to watch some Packers kick some butt on Sundays 🙂 Or Mondays… or Thursdays… any day really!
  • Leaves – When Fall starts to come around and the leaves begin to change.. my is it beautiful!? As much as I hate to see summer go.. I sure do love the color change 🙂



I’m always excited for all these fun things and am already looking for new fall traditions and pumpkin patches to go to!  If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!! 🙂

What are your fall favorites? I’d love to add more to my list!


Life Lately.

Life lately has been so incredibly wonderful!  I know you’re thinking.. how can that be?! You haven’t had a wedding to blog about!? BUT let me just tell you…

Last weekend the hubs and I had our very first weekend home just the two of us since May! Yes you read that right… May! And as much as you’d think I wouldn’t care to add something like that into my blog since it might seem boring, you are darn wrong!  It was by far my FAVORITE weekend to date this summer!

Thursday, a week ago, we kicked off the night with dinner and catch up with some great friends that we don’t see often enough!


This picture is from LAST SUMMER…. apparently we haven’t taken any pictures together in the last YEAR.. as a foursome!

Normally i’m totally crazy about pictures (ask anyone!) even before the blog world BUT I decided to just soak in the night, food and great company and forgot to take a picture! They are our last wedding next month and the hubs and I are both standing up in it.. it’s going to be a blast!!

As I mentioned before, the hubs and I were looking for new living room furniture and were deciding between sectionals.. i’ll get to that in a minute BUT the hubs set out to shampoo our carpets in the meantime while deciding..


The hubs insisted on getting a picture like this… 🙂 Carpets all cleaned!

The hubs and I had a date night recently.. Pinball and darts for the win!


We also had a day date looking for a couch.. and stopped into Psycho Suzi’s for some pizza and cheese curds! 🙂


Because who wants to look at a blog with no pictures??

We didn’t decide on any furniture that day which meant more time on the floor..

Or ottoman in my case 🙂

I can’t even begin to tell you how nice the last few weeks have been!


We also were even able to catch up a bit on Mr. Robot’s new season!

I was able to meet up with my brother and sister-in-law for dinner one night to catch up with them since their wedding!

And that’s been life lately.  It’s been calm, quiet and just perfect!

We had the hubs family at our place this past weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow to recap our time at the State Fair, a quick trip to LaCrosse for a friend’s 30th and a fun trip to a few apple orchards!

Don’t forget the Nordstrom giveaway is still going on so head over there for more details!

Also… that post I promised you about my favorite holiday.. that’s coming up as well this week! Time to get back into the mix of all this jazz 🙂



$200 Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway

Hello! Today, I am so excited to be teaming up with my fellow bloggers to give away a fun Nordstrom gift card to one of you gals (or guys! :))! And here’s a hint.. it’s so easy to enter!!

It’s no surprise, if you’ve been on here before and don’t live under a rock, that I LOVE Nordstroms… like love love! 🙂 Recently I shared a few posts featuring some pieces I picked up from the Anniversary Sale and as much as I dread cooler weather (can it just be summer forever?!), they will help me ease into the Fall season 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the sale!


Love this blanket scarf!


Such a comfy top!


Love this dress and there’s so many colors in stock!


All time favorite sunnies and only $12! Mine are sold out but these are so cute and only $12!


This is hands-down one of my FAVORITE tops!  I literally own it in 4 colors and have gifted one to my Mama because I knew she’d love them as well!

Now is the fun part 🙂 If you click the link below (for the giveaway), it will walk you through what you need to do in order to enter; Hint: Just like a few instagram profiles! 🙂 Easy Peasy!

The giveaway starts today at 3 pm and the winner will be randomly selected on 09/09/2016! You can enter daily to increase your chances of winning! Winner will be notified via email!

Good luck!!  May the odds be ever in your favor… if that’s still a cool thing to say 🙂

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Five on Friday!

Happy Fri-Yay!! It’s finally almost the weeeeeeekeeeennd!! Woo! Anyone else as excited as I am?  I decided to link up with some new bloggers (new link up for me, not actually NEW bloggers!) to share five things on my mind this Friday!

Without further adieu…


We are getting a new couch!! Woo! We are so excited to get rid of our red sectional (well.. not quite get rid of.. more like put it in the unfinished basement :)) and i’m ready for a more neutral couch!  The hubs and I can’t decide which one of these two …

Displaying IMG_7712.JPG

This is the hubs favorite.. I think it’s just too dark and would literally take up the WHOLE living area!

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

I’m more partial to this one because of the lighter color.. yes I know we have pups and yes I know we’ll have kids BUT I still like the lighter color!

Of course we just can’t decide which one!  I know you’re thinking… “Where are you looking at these couches?!” Haha! The top one is from HOM Furniture and the bottom is from none other than Costco!! What are your thoughts on the two couches?! Are you team me or team hubby?? I’m leaning towards the lighter colored couch and we can add some fun throw pillows for some color 🙂 I’m just excited to get our carpets cleaned and some new furniture!!


The Minnesota State Fair starts next week and I’m so excited to have a day off to go!  The hubs and I planned to take a long weekend next weekend for a fun trip for his 30th birthday but it didn’t end up working out.  I kept Friday off but decided I should probably work the next Monday 🙂

A few pictures from years past…

Chocolate covered bacon.. one of the hubs favorites!

Before my monogram purse fell in the toilet… #thatsanotherstory #gross

Pork chop on a stick.. yum!!

the in-laws have come the last few years to attend!

It’s always exciting to see the new foods they feature and love everything on a stick!! Wow I could do a whole blog post on this!! Moving on…


The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts on Monday at 8 am!! I CANNOT wait! It’s always such a fun but stressful sale because so many people are on and things sell out within minutes!  To get all the details, click here!

I would wear Lilly everyday if I could!  I’m definitely hoping to pick up a few fun Christmas presents during the sale 🙂


It’s already the middle of August and I can’t believe summer is already coming to an end!  I’m not ready for cooler weather.. I usually love all things fall.. umm hello Bath and Body Works candles?! Yum!! But i’m not ready for close toed shoes and socks 😦 Seriously.. my LEAST favorite part! #givemealltheflipflops #flipflopsforlife  I’m also not ready for jackets and coldness.. BUT boy, am I ready for Christmas?!

I know I jumped the gun a little bit on that but I really am looking forward to that part of the year 🙂  Check back next week when I feature WHY Christmas is my favorite holiday 🙂  If you want to link up and tell what your favorite holiday is and why, just let me know and I can set something up 🙂


I’m teaming up with some fellow bloggers and giving away a $200 Nordstrom gift card to one lucky reader!! I’ll be posting the giveaway before it starts at 3:00 pm today and it’s really easy to enter.. literally just liking a few Instagram profiles/pictures! Nice and Easy!  And who wouldn’t want a gift card to Nordstrom??

Just a few of my favorite pieces from Nordstrom!  Be sure to check back here around 3 for the blog post to go live!  Or if you’re afraid you’ll miss it, you can subscribe to the blog and get an email directly to your inbox as soon as it gets posted!  Let me know if you have any questions!  What would you buy if you won the gift card?!

Update: the giveaway will actually start tomorrow! I had my days mixed up! Whoops!! Sorry! A new post will be out tomorrow!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up!

Monday morning is back already and I’m like #wheresthecoffee??  I think I am just in a constant “exhausted” state of mind lately and am looking forward to A WEEKEND HOME next weekend!! You read that right.. a WHOLE weekend at home with the hubs with NO plans this coming weekend.  I promise that if you ask me and the hubs to do anything, our response will be “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” so don’t even try!  At least for now.. we’re just tired out!

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Not your “traditional” wedding gift wrap!  Life is better with pink, monograms and flamingos 🙂

Anyway back to the good stuff.. Our weekend!  This past weekend we were able to have a little bit of “fun” time at home and it was glorious!  The hubs and I signed up for a Costco membership on Friday #whatthewhat?? And now I’ve already picked out a new couch, bed, headboard, all the food…. let’s see what else?!  Has anyone ever bought their furniture at Costco?! Such great prices!  But in reality, we walked out with golf balls for our first trip. Who are we??

Displaying IMG_7585.JPG

The hubs and I were able to enjoy our first Happy Hour of the summer together!  Of course it involved queso and pineapple/malibu drinks 🙂

Displaying IMG_7588.JPG

After happy hour, we set out to 2nd Swing for the hubs to purchase a new wedge.. another new club! Then headed to HOM furniture to look at couches because it’s just time to replace our red beast! 🙂

FullSizeRender (8)

Random picture of the hubs and I from the wedding because #whynot

Saturday AM we woke REALL early.. I mean like 5 am to shower and get ready to head to EC for my cousin’s wedding!  The hubs met up with some work buddies and golfed the morning away.. I set out to have my Bridesmaid dress hemmed for our friends’ wedding next month!

FullSizeRender (7)

The wedding was at Dixon’s Apple Orchard which is a newer wedding venue and it’s just darling!!

The couple got married outside… and the bride made a “grand entrance” coming in on a horse-drawn wagon!  She then made her entrance to see her Groom through the doors above!

FullSizeRender (2)

The married couple leaving the ceremony in their horse-drawn carriage! 

 We were transported by tractor as the setting was amongst the apples 🙂

On the tractor ride 🙂 Excuse the blurriness!

After the ceremony, cocktail hour started and we were all thrilled 🙂 #givemesomemalibu #andpineapple #orilltakewine

The inside was decorated beautifully and had a few “separate” rooms which had the Rustic theme flowing through and through!

It was so nice to be able to celebrate together!  They also had a “food truck” making wood fire stone pizza for their dinner!  It was yummy!! And it was so different which was awesome to see as well! The hubs and I LOVE food trucks 🙂


pink ladies 🙂


the beautiful bride!

We were missing some family members (which is always sad!!) but most were there and it was great to get some updated pictures!

FullSizeRender (12)

The girl cousins on my Mama’s side; missing 2 more!

It’s always important to make time for family!  Even on days when we’re exhausted from traveling 12 weeks out of the summer months.. and we haven’t had 1 weekend home together (or even 1 weekend for just us) since the beginning of May.. we’ll still always make time for family! #becausepriorities


My not so little cousins!


Love this cute little Mama of mine! 🙂

I spoke a while back about my Mama’s side of the family and some of the issues going on and somehow we’ve been able to come together and become a family again! It’s truly amazing how much I enjoyed our family this past weekend!  It was back to how things were when I was growing up and to how things should be!  Just wished my siblings could have joined in on the fun (both had other things going on previously!).


Myself and the Bride!

I will also tell you.. this cousin of mine is quiet.. I mean BEYOND quiet!! She’s a few months younger than me and growing up she’s never been a talker- which I never understood because I can talk enough for myself and 5 other people 🙂  Lately, she’s come out of her shell a little bit and it’s been fabulous!! I’m looking forward to more things with her and that sweet Husband of hers!

I am about to get real with y’all now.. my two cousins have little babies…

Easton (4 months); Corbin (8 months)

And can I just say.. the hubs and I have major baby fever after this weekend!! Seriously… the hubs and I have been “trying” and cannot wait until we can add a little babe to our crazy mix!!

We danced the night away with a few more drinks and it was just wonderful!  The hubs and I had a lot of fun but we are ready for a weekend home together next weekend!

And on a different note.. i’m ready for the Lilly After Sale Party!! I was thinking it would be today, BUT since they didn’t send anything out this weekend (usually only give about 2 days notice), i’m thinking it will be next weekend! Keep your eyes and ears open and I will give you the deets once I find them out 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend and I’ll see you later this week!! 🙂





Friday Favorites!

friday favorites flower look

It’s FINALLY Friday!! Woo! Is anyone else already counting down the hours until work ends?!  We have yet ANOTHER wedding this weekend.. I know what you’re thinking… we must be PROS at weddings at this point.. and you are right! 🙂 Or at least I’d like to think so! In fact, my first Friday Favorite topic is about a wedding we did this past weekend!


I know I just said “we did” not we attended (we did attend too!) but I actually helped put together a wedding in less than 10 days!  I wrote all about it here!  Long story short (you can read the details here and see all the pics!), my hubs cousin and his now wife decided they’d like to get married in less than 10 days!  It wasn’t their original plan but due to some unfortunate circumstances, that’s how it ended up! And to be honest.. I don’t think they’d have it any other way 🙂  Here’s a few sneak peek pics of the decor I decided on!

FullSizeRender (7)

My husband is very fortunate in that his whole family is very close and i’m very fortunate because they have accepted me into their little world and I couldn’t be happier!

FullSizeRender (8)

Welcome to the in-law clan Mariah! You are very lucky you get to do life with Ryan and his amazing family! You’ll fit in just great!


I went on a Segway Tour last week (and to my surprise, I am still alive to tell about it!) with my coworkers and recapped all about it here.  We toured the Mill City District in Downtown Minneapolis and the sights were beautiful to see!


Sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist in your own city and I definitely enjoyed this little ride!


We also were fortunate enough to go on a boat tour for work as well last week.  Because our company has employees all over (working from home), two times a year we all come together for 1 day of meetings and fun!


Love my little Underwriting crew 🙂 And Ashley!


FullSizeRender (7)

Our view before getting on the boat!


I have to rave about this “Game Day” clothing (and accessories) website that is having amazing deals right now!  I ordered 2 dresses and with shipping, it was under $20!!  I can’t wait to style my FSU apparel once I get it in the mail!

Leighton Strapless Maxi Dress | Fashion | Mud Pie

This dress is $8.99!! And is perfect Nole colors 🙂

I couldn’t decide if I’d really wear the maxi because with having larger boobs, strapless’ are NOT normally comfy but for the price.. I couldn’t say no! And honestly.. the bow!! #anythingwithabow #givemeallthebows


I have to say… this isn’t a “favorite” but more of an update on what’s going on around our parts of the world!  Our little Leinie has been having some issues lately.. for those of you who aren’t around here much, that’s our pup!  About 2 weeks ago, she started licking the top of her paw.. I didn’t think anything of it until the hubs realized last week that she had literally licked it RAW.

Displaying IMG_7397.JPG

We were headed out of town and couldn’t get into the vet until this past Monday so we did what any sane person does… put a sock on her with some tape!!  Of course AFTER I texted one of our good friends who used to be an ER vet tech!

Displaying IMG_7404.JPG

We left her Christmas sock at my in-laws 😦

We saw the Vet on Monday and thankfully we caught it in time.  He said there was a sore on the raw spot unfortunately but gave us an antibiotic for her to put on twice a day for 2 weeks and keep it wrapped so she doesn’t keep licking!

Displaying IMG_7490.JPG

We got her some pink socks so I think she’ll be happy now! I’m so glad we got that taken care and hope that it “nips” it in the butt and once we’re done with the antibiotics she’ll forget all about licking 🙂


I must be on a roll because I usually don’t do 6 things BUT I had to mention that I saw the movie, Bad Moms and even though i’m just a puppy mama for now, it was HILARIOUS! I’m not kidding.. just so funny and light-hearted which was a nice change!

If you haven’t seen it yet or were on the fence about seeing it… Run, don’t walk to the movies tonight!! Such a great way to start your weekend 🙂

I’ll be back next week recapping our “last” wedding until September!!

I’ll also be featuring a really great Nordstrom gift card Giveaway (starts 08/19!) with a few fellow bloggers so if you want to make sure you’re not missing anything, click the “Subscribe by email” button!  It will have you put in your info (literally just your email address and press subscribe!) and you’ll receive my posts directly to your inbox once they’re published and you won’t miss a thing 😉

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!



Stranded With

Happy Hump-Day!  Today, i’m linking up with Shay and Erika to share Three Pieces of Footwear that I’d take with me to a deserted island!  These are always so fun to join in on 🙂

First and most importantly… I’d take Rainbows!

I know I should have outgrown Rainbows since I’ve worn them for forever BUT y’all.. I can’t even describe my love for these flip flops!  They are so comfy and mold right to your feet!  I have taken them to the beach, um everyday in high school, and they really are the BEST flip flop and on a deserted island.. you can bet your butt i’ll be wearing these!

The second pair of footwear I’d bring with would be some good ol’ Ugg boots!

I know you’re thinking… umm this is a sandy island.. why would you ever want boots? And sheepskin ones?? BUT let me tell you.. if I’m stranded for FOREVER then it will eventually get chilly and if my feet are cold.. then it’s all over!  These will keep my toes nice and warm throughout the cool Fall and Winter season!

And last but not least.. warm socks!!

Perhaps these are a given and aren’t really what they mean when they said “footwear” but I NEED socks in order to fall asleep.. even in heat!  And I can’t wear my boots without a pair of socks.. gross!  These shea-infused socks are AH-MAZING so i’ll take 1 or 5 pairs of these please for the island 🙂

I wish I could say that I would bring a pair of heels but I am not that girl who can walk in the sand with heels or wedges on.. Wish I was but let’s be real.. Am I really going to be dolling myself up on this island? Probably not..

If you could only bring 3 pairs of footwear with you while on a deserted island.. which would you bring?


Segwaying Away!

I mentioned last week that as a “Team Building” event, our department went on a segway tour of the Mill City District in downtown Minneapolis.  When I first heard we were doing this, I thought… at least it’s an afternoon outside but as the day drew closer, I was terrified!!  We got to “try” it out for a few minutes before we saw the safety video and I was literally crying.  I felt like I had no control and I felt like I was going to flip right over it. And let’s be real… I don’t like trying new things.


Before signing my life away and crying!!

BUT after getting on it for about 10 minutes in the “safety” area and having one of their team members literally walk beside me for those 10 minutes, I felt better.  At one point, I remember saying “This is WAY too fast!!!” and the person walking, yes I said it, walking by me said I was barely moving.  Well, what do they know, right??


We did a tour of the Mill City District and it was really pretty and insightful! But honestly.. I could have done without all the stops.. it’s only so interesting… and I wanted to cruise a little more 🙂

So.. because blog posts are B.O.R.I.N.G without pictures.. #duh.. But don’t worry; I’ve got a ton for your viewing pleasure!!


I’m Flossie.. I’m the first girl to scream on the track, I switched up the beat of the drum..

Anyone remember that song??? I LOVED it back in the day and now just want to listen to it all day because #imbossy

We stopped by the Mill City Museum for some water and cookies.


I, of course, used that time to look at the gift shop because #whynot #iloveshopping


Please note, we’re just “student drivers” through out this! 🙂


Our last stop was Nicollet Island Pavillion…


A group picture 🙂


It was actually a really fun time on those little machines!  After you get the hang of it, I felt like I could just cruise around on that little thing instead of drive a car!!

If you need me.. that’s where I’ll be… just a cruising around until it’s finally Friday!!!!

Have any of y’all been on one of those little babies?! If so, did you like it??