Thirsty Thursday

That’s still a thing right?! Thirsty Thursday… oh to be in college again!!

While lying in bed this morning, (surprisingly I got up before 6:45) I decided that I should clear my calendar, plan some amazing trips, do some shopping and just hang out for the day.. and most certainly not work..  I could just imagine planning a fun trip to Hawaii or to Turks & Caicos and I could even taste the fruity drinks..#givemeallthecoladas then I remembered that I do have to work for a living (and bawled my eyes out, of course!) and that a Skinny Vanilla Latte would have to do for the perk up of my day! #whencanihavemypumpkinspicelatte #thatwouldbrightenmydayalittlemore

Wow… 4 blog posts in a row this week?? What has gotten into me?!  Oh yeah, I finally have some pictures to post!! 🙂  Again… disclaimer: I’m not a fashion blogger so sorry if you’re over these posts already but #sorrynotsorry


So I bought these booties a few years ago and never wore them.. and now I know why!  What color are they even?? They aren’t the cutest and I wish my #nsale booties had come in the mail prior to this post BUT since this is what i’m working with, it’ll have to do! I’ll take a #mirrorselfie once they arrive 🙂


I love this outfit for Fall.. the dress is so comfortable and can be worn with booties or with knee high boots as well!  I love the way the leopard plays off the burgundy dress!


My dress is no longer available but these are just as cute and on sale! Another great option is this dress!  These are both selling out quickly so don’t waste any time picking one out!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I guess i’m headed out to work because “apparently” that’s what grown ups do.. #adultingsucks

Also, since I’m clearly becoming an expert on blogging and fashion #duh, and you might not want to miss a blog post, you can subscribe on the sidebar (to the right) and you’ll be sent an updated blog post as they’re posted! Did you like my run on sentence?! All the teachers out there are cringing i’m sure but again, #sorrynotsorry

Here’s to tomorrow’s Friday Favorites and my brother’s wedding rehearsal!  Follow me along on Instagram and Facebook for some wedding pictures 🙂


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