Hump Day!

Good morning and happy hump day!  Seriously thinking the below.. am I right??

is anyone else feeling this way?!?!

Did I mention that this week is my brother’s wedding week?  It’s pretty surreal… he’s the last of us 3 kids to get married in my family and it’s seriously SO weird that we’re all old enough to be married!  Over the last 10ish years, my siblings and I have become pretty close – in that I love hanging with them and am sad when our time together ends!  I talk to them at least once a week and am so thankful they’re mine (most of the time at least!)!

I’m ready for some fun this weekend and to celebrate my brother and his fiance!  But since it’s only Wednesday (again….) I thought i’d share another piece from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! And because I made Jess take some pics this past weekend – I figured they should be shared! 🙂



This shirt is one of my favorites from the sale!! It’s long enough to wear with jeans or even leggings but can be tucked in for shorts to wear now!  And clearly anyone can wear it.. I mean, seriously..! Unfortunately, my specific top is out of stock BUT you can find solid colors here for only $17.90!


It was approximately 112 degrees outside when we took these so I was sweating profusely glistening quite a bit and my hair was a bit dull and boring flat!  BUT guess what..???  I don’t care because it was finally in the 90’s outside and trust me… that doesn’t last very long!

Hope it’s a wonderful “hump” day and you get a lot of “humping” in 😉 Or at least start to get prepared for the weekend!!


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