Friday Favorites!

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Hello Friday… it’s GREAT to see you!!! I am currently at one of our bests’ cabin in Alexandria, MN and am so excited to relax a little bit!! The hubs and I have seriously stretched ourselves thin this summer and we’re hurting!  We haven’t had a weekend home together since the beginning of May… I’m ready for some hubby time!!

I know right now you’re thinking some dirty thoughts but what i’m thinking is i’ll be telling everyone the following for the next 6 months…

I already have plans tonight. I am drinking wine and watching my favorite t.v. shows.:

Seriously… just throw in the hubs and this would be a perfect Friday and Saturday night!

Anyways, here are my Friday Favorites because obviously you’re all interested! 🙂


CABIN LIFE! As I mentioned above, the hubs and I are currently at our friends cabin for the weekend!  This is our third year going and we enjoy our time there so much!  The first year I went up early with Jess and was so worried it might be weird.. it was only the 3rd time (just guestimating) that we’d hung out and it’d always been in a group.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect and contemplated backing out only 147,584 times!

But I am so glad the hubs made me go!  After that first time at the cabin… I knew we’d be life long friends!  We had so much in common and she’s just so great!  Some things we do while up here..

We ALWAYS go to the Carlos Creek Winery…

Seriously one of my favorite things!

The boys usually golf.. imagine that! BUT last year we decided to join them for a few holes 🙂

I believe we’ll be doing both things this weekend with a little  lot bit of water time!! It’s supposed to be almost 100 degrees finally and I have to bring out my flamingo at some point, right?!

abbbEither way I’m loving this beautiful view!!


Today, is the start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and y’all… it’s so good!  I know i’ve said this a bajillion times BUT i’m serious!  I even ordered a few Christmas gifts for the family during it… I know… the hubs thinks i’m INSANE but it’ll be helpful once it comes time to check some Christmas gifts off my list!  Oh yeah… because I DO ALL the shopping.. so he can’t have much of a say as to WHEN I buy the gifts!

Here’s a few things that I’ve loved so far!


And of course there’s I love these boots I mentioned before, I ordered them in a 6.5 and unfortunately they didn’t fit! I’m hoping they get restocked when the sale goes live.. Our Nordstrom isn’t the biggest (even though it’s at Mall of America!) so they didn’t have everything I wanted to try on, like this sweater, or this oneThis pullover looks so comfy for cold winter days/nights!


 On Tuesday, I linked up with Andrea and other bloggers to give a tour of our home!  The hubs and I bought our house in August 2013 and have been too busy to truly finish everything we’d like to but for now, this is a sneak peak of our home!

Head over here for more pictures!


This isn’t really a “favorite” of mine but one of my bests is moving out of Minnesota!  Honestly, I don’t blame the girl at all… she’s meant for bigger things and lots more travel!  Jenna and I met each other Freshman year of college and have continued to stay close (even though there’s A LOT of time in between our chats and hang outs) over the last 10 years!! Crazy it’s been that long!  She’s lived in Alaska, Colorado, California, Washington and Minnesota since graduation in 2010 and she’s destined to be a traveler!

From Freshman year of college (2006)…

to Senior Year (2010)..

And of course she stood by my side for our wedding in 2015!

I haven’t been the best with keeping in touch over the last year she’s been in Minnesota.. with the wedding and everything else we’ve had going on, we’ve been busy!  Still not an excuse though so i’m going to have to soak up my time with this girl before she leaves!

Well… that’s all folks!! Short but sweet today 🙂 I’m ready to go enjoy myself on the Lake.  I’ll be back to recap our weekend (with i’m sure a few pictures) next week!


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