Show and Tell Tuesday.. Home Edition!

Hi everyone and Happy Tuesday!  Is that an oxymoron… happy that it’s only Tuesday??  I’m hoping for Thursday to come soon 🙂  I’m linking up with Andrea to give a tour of our home… The hubs and I moved into our home August 2013 and we have loved being homeowners (minus the mortgage part, right?!)!  When we moved into our house, it was as if it hadn’t been lived in much.. in the sense the previous owners didn’t do a whole lot to it! The first thing we did was paint all the walls (or the majority at least!).

One of our bests came to help, pregnant and all!! They are the best! We even painted the door and replaced some of the hardware!

That was pretty much where the extent of “bettering our home” ended.. I mean as far as household projects!! Our house was fairly new so not much needed to be done but i’d die to have white trim, am i right?? But that might be a little difficult with all the trim/rails we have going on!  Without further adieu, here is our home!


This picture was from when we first moved in!!

And a few pictures of our front porch in years past…

This is our entryway…


*Side note: these pictures are pretty true to every day life therefore I did not dust or pick everything up before taking them… I used to clean EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and the hubs would get so annoyed and tell me that our house never looked like anyone lived in it..!! I’d definitely say our house looks “lived in!!”.  So I apologize for the lack of professional photos!

We have pictures (mostly from our engagement) lining the stairs and our dining room still needs a little sprucing up!  I generally have fresh flowers (who doesn’t love that?!) on our table almost every week so this week is a little off! On another side note: I LOVE my pineapple candle holders!!

The picture on the left is current (I know, I know.. who wants to see a mess?!) and the picture on the right was right after we moved in!


This is the view from the entryway and front door.. couldn’t you just picture so much white trim?! I seriously dream about that sometimes… one day!! Also, we bought that red couch in our first apt together back in 2010 and I HAD to have it… big mistake.  Who wants a red couch?!!? Can’t wait for some new living room furniture as well…


Our hallway upstairs… we have 3 bedrooms upstairs with a guest bath (and master bath).  I would love to put that mirror on the wall (umm duh) but my hubs says it’s too heavy 😦 serious crying face!!

Our bedrooms need a bit of work… the guest bedroom FINALLY got painted (from the construction paint that’s been on the walls since it was built!) but it needs some sprucing up; lamp (because don’t we all love the lamp in the corner circa 1990s??), pictures/color on the walls!  Our other bedroom is considered my “office” but I definitely NEED to fix it up a bit! The hubs and I have been saying we’d use that room for a baby room (holla to all the Mamas-to-be trying out there!) but I’d rather use it more for my office until we finally get preggers!  So that will be next on my list! I’m picturing a bit of pink and white all over (and throw in some gold touches!).


Our guest bath is pretty basic.. more brown trim (for the Love of…!!) and we have a yellow/gray color scheme going on in there! I got the shower curtain and rug from West Elm (and absolutely loved them) but have been dreaming of changing it all up a bit again… it’s been almost 3 years after all!


Another room that we need to do some work on.. (have I said that enough in this post??) We could use some mirrors behind the nightstands, a new bed frame and some more color on the walls!

I know you’re thinking… what have you been doing for the last 3 years since it’s clearly not house work?!  To be honest… we’ve been busy with life!! There’s so much I want to fix up in our house (mainly with furniture and some paint) and am hoping to start checking things off my list this winter!  I’ll have to do an update once I actually do some changing 🙂 To hold myself accountable at least…

And because i’m always dreaming of Christmas time.. a few pictures of my hubs putting up our Christmas lights 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed our home (even with all the imperfections and things we definitely need to work on!!).  Can’t wait to show you the improvements!

5 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesday.. Home Edition!

  1. tractorsandglam says:

    I love your home! I have complete front porch/entry way envy! Hahahaha! Your home is beautiful. I loved all the pictures. Have a great day!


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