Nordstrom Giveaway!

Good morning!!  I am so excited for this blog post because… (drum roll please…!) i’m hosting a giveaway for a Nordstrom Giftcard!! And it’s just in time for their Anniversary Sale which starts in just a few short weeks!

Nordstrom has quickly become one of my favorite stores! It literally has EVERYTHING!  I can pick up jewelry, shoes, dresses and more in one quick stop.  And while most think “I can’t afford anything at Nordstrom..” you are mistaken!  They have items at every price point.

Here are some of my favorite items:

I seriously have this shirt in 4 different colors; white, green, blue and pink! I love it that much.. and with that price point? It’s a definite must have!

These sandals are perfect for the beach or pool! Love that they’re super comfy (after wearing them in a little bit!) and fun!

I love these earrings so much!  They are easy to throw on and are a little smaller than Kate Spade’s regular square studs.  There are so many colors and only $38.

Or if you’re looking for a cheaper pair (to throw on and jazz up an outfit) these are perfect for you! 2 pairs of earrings for only $9.98!  I have these and love the pink ones!!

I love this dress!! It’s in my shopping bag as we speak.. so many colors, the price point is amazing and it’s seriously so cute!

I just got these in the mail this past week and i’m seriously (can I say that one more time?!?) in love with these!! I love these sunnies but not the $300 price tag so these are a great dupe!

You can also purchase lots of Lilly Pulitzer items at Nordstrom!  I’m loving this dress and I’d love to add another Essie dress to my closet!

This dress is just so stinkin’ cute!! I mean, A) I can wear a “normal” bra with it (huge win!) B) it’s flowy enough to breathe in the hot summer months and C) it’s $22.80.. need I say more??  There’s a few other color selections with this Socialite dress (different brand but still awesome fit!).

Apparently I’ve been on a red kick lately because that’s seriously (again… annoyed yet?!? I’m annoying myself with this word! Promise i’ll stop :)) what i’ve been drawn to lately! Maybe it’s because 4th of July is right around the corner or because it’s a bright color but whatever it is, this top is amazing! It’s really flattering and can be put with both pants or shorts and still look great!

This dress is a definite pick of mine as well!  There are a ton of color options and you can wear a normal bra (high-five to all bigger chested girls!)!

As you can tell… I have a serious love for Nordstrom which is why i’m so ecstatic to host this giveaway so a lucky reader can pick something up that they love as well!  Remember, the Anniversary Sale starts mid-July which will feature AMAZING prices on fall and winter pieces!! Great time to stock up on your wardrobe πŸ™‚

Click below and follow through to be entered into the giveaway! Easy peasy πŸ™‚

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For additional entries, check out my Instagram!  A winner will be randomly selected and announced on July 6.  Good luck!

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