Weekend Wrap-Up!

This week and weekend were a bit hectic… but what’s new in our world?! I tell you… what I wouldn’t give for a weekend home on the couch in PJs watching movies all.day.long with a glass of wine in hand and hubby next to me?? Looks like the next time we’ll be able to do that will be in September!!

Ugh- that just sounds gross.  I have this problem- where I can’t say “no” to any plans; it’s a huge problem – don’t have that same problem?  I get it, you have the power to say No to things!  So another weekend passes and i’m just exhausted! But that’s the new normal right?  Plans always seems like a good idea at the time too- when it’s months away but then when it all comes up – I just want to lock the doors, close the blinds and pretend like we’re not home… FOR A WEEK minimum! You know the saying “You can sleep when you’re dead…” well I don’t care for that since i’d like to just sleep NOOOOWWW.  It’s going to be life full of dark circles under my eyes.. lucky husband!!

Now if you’re at the point where you’re thinking “what is the point of this post…” then I’ve clearly complained enough about being tired and I’ve bored you so i’ll move on.  I’m going to show some random pictures from my recent time with my nieces in Madison!  I seriously (wow, I never knew how much I used this word until I started blogging.. but oh well- just deal!) have the cutest or I guess prettiest since they’re not at the super young anymore.. which makes me sad and miss these days….

If I can’t have them back at those ages, i’ll take these ones….

Or I guess i’ll have to settle and let them keep growing! 😦 It’s crazy how fast time flies when it comes to kiddos!! Hope the hubs and my kids look this beautiful!

This not so little girl and I hit up Target and Cabella’s (because clearly we’re outdoorsy people…) while Trinity was at volleyball.  This little one is a total mini-me! Goodluck to my Sister!!


We got some ice cream after Rocky’s when Trinity was done 🙂 Gosh I love these girls! Stop growing up though, seriously… how is Trinity going to be 14 years old…?????


We’re both obsessed with pineapple’s and flamingos.. and just so happen to have the same shirt… #twinning

We played a lot of this… they literally have 5 different kinds of monopoly- missing Boo-opoly and I can’t even think of the other one.. T and S LOVE to buy up the most pricey properties and then put houses and castles (or whatever they are after houses??) on each of them.. one of them was literallly $2,000!! I lost every time.


Was soo happy to squeeze in a few hours for dinner with my good friend from college, Niki! She’s going to be a Mama in just a few short months (she’s due in August- doesn’t she look amazing?!) and it’s so funny to see her in this new role!  She will be an incredible Mama but it makes me miss our carefree nights out on Water Street!

Clearly i’m in love with flamingos.. have you read my blog? If you answered no, then you better go back and read each and every blog post.. Promise it’s worth it 😉 We were lucky enough to have one nice day to enjoy in their pool and we took full advantage of the swan and flamingos! We were also having a full on photo-shoot in case you didn’t notice!  Also, this was the first one-piece swimsuit I’ve worn in a gazillion years.. not going to lie I always thought they were more “Mom” type suits but- i’m enjoying this trend!!

We were also able to get lunch with my Dad on the lake and some Culvers ice cream after but I was too busy chatting to take pictures!

Hope you all had a great weekend.. Join me on Wednesday for an amazing GIVEAWAY!!! Make sure to sign up for emails so that you don’t miss out.. it’s going to be a good one!!


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