Show and Tell: Puppy Edition

Hi y’all! Today, i’m linking up with a few other bloggers for her Show and Tell Tuesday!


Today’s topic is about pets!  We have two pups; Leinie and Destin who are actual siblings (from the same parents) just different litters!

To say i’m obsessed is a little bit of an understatement 🙂

Leinie is 4.5 years old and such a sweet girl!

This was her as a puppy- tan with lots of dark brown and CURLY! Imagine that… 🙂

And this is her now.. 🙂 All white with very LITTLE black/brown!

This is little Destin 🙂 He’s 1.5 years old and such a playful little one!

Don’t mind the overload of pictures of our sweet little ones!! We clearly need babies SOON!! 🙂

Such sweet little puppies!! We couldn’t love them any more than we already do!!

The hubs would KILL me if he saw I posted this picture of him but Leinie just adores him 🙂

Fun fact: our puppies are from my in-laws!  Leinie was from the very first litter they bred and they’ve had about 8 litters since then! My sister got Luna, from their last litter and my brother-in-law (the hubs bro) and his girlfriend got one from the last litter as well, Penney!  So funny we’re all a big family of puppy siblings! 🙂

Thanks for the link-up, ladies!! Enjoy your Tuesday!!

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