Couple’s Shower!

This past weekend, my Sister, Mom and I threw my Brother and soon-to-be Sister in law a couple’s shower!  Holla!!  We invited only my Mom’s side as my brother’s fiance is having one on her side next weekend!

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a GREAT turnout from my Mom’s side… which wasn’t much of a surprise for us since there’s been some apparent issues with half of them since my Uncle passed away a year and a half ago.  It’s just an unfortunate situation that no one wants to discuss in order to move forward..  But it was nice that at least a few of them could make some time to celebrate my Brother and Anne-I know it meant the world to them that it was more of a priority to some of the family!

Umm how did this become so sour and a personal talk?! Moving on… like I always say – life really is too short to be anything but happy! I’ve had a lot of not so positive experiences in my life and you just have to move on and move forward!  So hopefully one day we’ll figure all our mess out but for now.. i’m focusing on the positives in my life…  so onto the shower… Spoiler Alert- there’s A LOT of pictures 🙂


We had the shower at Loopy’s in Chippewa Falls which is right on the river and has bean bags and volleyball! My Brother and Sister in law to be had only one request – there be no awkward bridal shower games.  Now, it was my full intent to play a fun rendition of the Newlywed Game (I would love to see all those answers!!) and also a few other silly games BUT I listened and stuck to just a nice hang out!

We hung around and played a “nail” game- I didn’t really see the hype but it seemed like a big highlight of the day! 🙂 You literally just use a 3 lb hammer (mallet?? who knows!) and see if you can hit the nail (down and up quick!) one handed and you play until someone’s nail is completely in the wood.  #amiboringyouyet

We had date night Popsicle sticks out for everyone to fill out (with very interesting ideas added!) #myhusbandhasadirtymind  and also played the clothespin game (where you can’t say Anne or Alex, Bride or Groom otherwise someone can steal your clothespin.  Winner has the most clothespins).

We, then snacked on some nachos, chicken, cheese curds and more and drank a little bit to clear it all down 🙂

Bags were played afterwards and then it was gift opening time!  They got so many wonderful gifts that will start to make their newlywed life a lot more fun (or so you’re supposed to think!)! #domesticated #whycantiregisterforclothes #orjustmoney

We had a cute little table set up for treats and thank you gifts 🙂 I made some Oreo desserts in mason jars for cute little gifts along with some pastel cookies (since their colors are pastel!).  The Oreo dessert is one my cousin makes for every Holiday and seriously… I could eat the whole entire pan of it EVERY.TIME!! Yum!

*The banner says Future Ballwegs but unfortunately it’s too far away to see!

While the turnout wasn’t huge, it was still a really fun day and it was nice to do something to celebrate the happy couple!!  It’s always nice when we can get all of us together! We were lucky the rain held off until about 4:00 so we were able to still do everything we wanted!

Their wedding is July 30 and will be here before we all know it!!!

Thanks to everyone that came out- you definitely added a lot to the day! 🙂

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!!




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