Today, i’m linking up with Erika and Shay for a fun topic: Stranded!  What 3 Netflix series would I take with me if I were on a stranded island..??

It’s hard to pick only 3… I mean, it literally has SO many options and choices!! I feel like i’d like to take a few that I haven’t quite seen so I could be surprised… although if i’m stranded and have to continually watch them.. I better LOVE them!!

So let’s get to it…



Friday Night Lights of course!! I love this show.. my wonderful husband introduced it to me about 6 years ago.. I know,late to the game but it is SO good!! The drama, the heart and the love, I just can’t even describe how good this is.. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it!! I could watch this over and over!!



Fuller House… My only complaint about this is that the episodes are SO short!! Can they please make them longer for season 2?!  Growing up, I watched Full House ALL.THE.TIME. and was so stoked to start watching the second season!  #iliterallywatchedthewholeseasonin1day #noshame



Hart of Dixie.. When I started this show, I wasn’t hooked right away.  I mean, the guys are gorgeous ,I love Rachel Bilson and the cute little town of Bluebell but I just couldn’t get hooked!! Until the second season… then it all went downhill after that.. I mean, it’s normal to sit and watch tv for all hours on end when it’s Winter right?! Definitely start this how if you haven’t already!!

We’ve also started watching Breaking Bad again!  We’re on the third season and I’m not in love with the show, BUT I of course need to see how it ends so we’ll keep watching..

We also re-watched the whole Office series again as well.. We’ve seen the majority of the episodes but stopped watching after Steve Carroll left the show.. we loved him so much it was hard to imagine the show without him!! BUT we finally watched it all and while it wasn’t as good as when Michael was there.. it was still pretty good!  And of course, I cried like a baby when it was all over!

I could honestly watch this show over and over!!

What shows are you watching on Netflix?! Is there anything i’m missing out on?

Displaying IMG_5881.JPGDisplaying IMG_5881.JPGIMG_5881

And just a quick photo- we hosted my Brother’s “Couple’s Shower” on Saturday in Eau Claire and for some reason Leinie was VERY clingy #shethinksshesachild #literally  I couldn’t even wrap a present without her trying to get on my lap..

i’ll share more on their shower later this week 🙂

Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!



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