Engagement Thursday!

We were completely blown away (and ecstatic!!) when one set of our engagement pictures were featured on Midwest Bride!  As I mentioned before, we had two sets of engagement pictures done because I’m crazy and obsessed with pictures – one in Winter and one in Spring! I could seriously have pictures taken with the hubs everyday if he’d let me!  #hethinksiminsane #iprobablyam #justwaituntilwehavekida. Both were done by friends of ours and honestly.. They turned out so wonderful- we couldn’t have been happier! 

Here are a few favorites of (mine) ours:


These were taken by our dear friend, Jason who dabbles in photography every once in a while- although it looks like he’s been doing it for years! This was so fun to do because we actually cut down our Christmas tree during it… which made me even MORE excited for this day!!  It also helped get us warmed up a bit for pictures since we hadn’t had any taken previously!


These were taken by our amazing friend, Jess.   She is a wedding photographer on the side and she’s incredible! Definitely check out her work!  She took some pictures of us in our wedding attire after our wedding (our pictures from our actual wedding didn’t turn out very well.. at all! *Don’t think that just because you’re paying a TON of money for a photographer/company, they will automatically be good… lesson learned!) and the pictures turned out phenomenal!  I’ll share those another time 🙂

It was so fun to get some in downtown Minneapolis and some in more of a natural environment.  It was also great to bring out two different sides of outfits – per usual! 🙂

Be sure to check out our engagement session featured on Midwest Bride!

Have a fabulous Thursday.. it’s almost the weekend!



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