It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…

My sister and I used to rock out karaoke to the title of this blog post.. I’m not kidding.. we’d sing it all the time at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s bar for all the “regulars” until my sister became too “cool” to do that with her little sister (there’s 6 years difference between us and I was like 5 years old when it started).  My Dad used to make her “perform” with me just to get me to stop my tantrums and she’d get so annoyed!


Anyways.. Happy Tuesday!!

Guess what..?!  Today’s my birthday!! Whoop whoop!! I’m 28 today and while 27 was an amazing year for me (hello, I got married to the love of my life!) I can’t wait to see what 28 has in store for me!  🙂

What do I want for my birthday, you ask??  And what plans do we have??

Don’t judge- im hoping for some queso and lots of it! #surprise If you don’t like queso, we probably could never be friends… #dontneedthatkindofnegativityinmylife #finallymyhusbandhastoagreetomexicanfood

But for real…. Here are a few things on my birthday list:

Of course Lilly is on my birthday list.. would you ever imagine she wouldn’t be??  This dress just looks beautiful and so comfortable- right up my alley!

I have this tote on my wishlist as well.  I know I already shared this in a previous post but I love it so much, I had to share it again!

I have a feeling this is for sure coming… oh yes because I went ahead and ordered it myself just to make sure it got here safely 🙂 I can’t wait to share it on this little space once it gets here!  #mypoorhusband #itsmybirthdayyall

This was on my birthday list, but my sweet friend, Gayle picked it up for me on Saturday 🙂 I know i’m WAY late to the game but I cannot wait to try this out!! This watch is also on my list but I can’t decide between this watch or a Fitbit… I do like the look more of this watch versus the Fitbit… #priorities


It’s just so cute… anyone have this watch or have any thoughts between it and the Fitbit?? I’m just not sure i’d use this to it’s full potential… 

I also thought about a new golf bag for my birthday… the golf bag I have is cute, gray and pink but I really love this one… minus the camo!!


This picture doesn’t do it justice… it’s seriously neon pink! I thought maybe it would motivate me on the golf course but let’s be real… i’d need a whole lot more golf stuff to do that 😉

In all actuality, I am just thankful to be healthy and grow another year older!  I know a lot of people get down on getting older, and my husband is definitely one of them but I think growing old is a blessing that many people are denied! I don’t care about the gifts but more about the people in my life and being able to make more memories with them all!  With that being said.. I am off to celebrate with my coworkers by day and the hubby by night 🙂


Seriously, SO thankful I get to do life with this guy 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful and sunny day!!


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