Friday Favorites.

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Happy Fri-Yay!! Friday… I am SO happy to see you #asusual  This weekend more than others, since it’s my BIRTHDAY weekend!!! Unfortunately, the forecast shows rain/thunderstorms at least for Friday and Saturday but hopefully we’ll get some sun Sunday and Monday!!

I am teaming up with some amazing bloggers again this week to showcase some of my favorites of the week!



The Bachelorette kicked off this past Monday and I can’t help but watch it #guiltypleasure  I loved JoJo from Ben’s season last year and really thought he should have picked her!   No offense to Lauren, but I felt like Ben and JoJo connected better. Oh well- now we’ll get to watch her with 28 men battling for her love.  If you don’t want to watch the show but want to see hilarious play-by-plays- follow along here.  Has anyone else noticed how young a lot of the men are?? #howaminot22anymore   #alsohowisbeingcanadianajob Are any of you watching this show??


These healthy alternatives to ice cream that I whipped up this past week have to be put on this list!  I’ll be sharing the recipe on the blog next week for any one interested!

FullSizeRender (5)

I can’t stop eating them- for breakfast, snack, anytime!


Can we just talk about this fun weekender bag for a minute? The owner, Addison is seriously such a doll and so incredibly helpful if you ever have any questions!  She has a TON of cute monogram gifts, clothes and jewelry on the website as well!


I am waiting for mine to come after Addison sent me a few examples of the fonts with my monogram. #howdoipickjustone  #ifitaintmovingmonogramit  Seriously- go pick this up for all your fun summer travel plans!!


It’s Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Spring Sale and they have such cute pieces for such great deals!! I’be scooped up this necklace and these earrings already!


I’m also loving this tank (not on sale, $30), this dress and this PJ top. My MUST HAVE top is also a part of the sale!!  Pick one up in every color (I currently have 4 of them!!) and I promise you won’t be sorry!  And of course there are plenty more on the sale list so jump over to Nordstrom and view them!


This dress.. It’s definitely one of my favorites! It’s been so long since we’ve dressed up this fancy #doesourweddingcount  so it was especially fun getting dolled up this past weekend!



It’s crazy to think but 6 years ago – I graduated college… #gettingolderisablessing #butcantimeslowdown  #illbe28ontuesday #seriouslyHOWisthatpossible. which is just unreal to me!  It’s also my 10 year reunion from high school this year… how did THAT happen?? #iwontbeattending This doesn’t really fall under the *favorites* category BUT thought i’d put a few pictures up for a #flashbackfriday  and also because this post doesn’t have enough pictures.

It seems like another life when I look at these!  It’s crazy how far i’ve come since high school graduation (and college!) and I can’t wait for the life that God has in store for my hubby and me. #sobmoment #sothankfultohavemetmyhusband

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday and long weekend!! Remember the reason we all have Memorial Day off work #notjustareasontodrink  #thankasoldier  and remember this…


I’ll be back next week for more blog posts (aside from only Mondays and Fridays!) so stop by! Or if you want to make sure not to miss anything, put your email in above and get my updates as soon as they’re posted!


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