Weekend Recap!

Oh my, the weekend flew by!! I can’t believe how quickly those days go and how slow a work day can go.

Friday, the hubs and I hit up the small Executive Course by our house for a quick round of 9 holes before he settled in to do homework for the night!  It was my first time out on the course for the season and while it wasn’t as pretty as I would have liked, but it’s out of the way!

After getting home after golf, the hubs spent the remainder of the night doing homework and studying!  #boring While he did that, I made Wineapple’s (get it… wine covered in chocolate that looks like a pineapple?!!?) for the following day to give as gifts.  Pineapple’s are the universal sign for hospitality after all.  Oh yeah, and I made brownies from scratch.. yum! We had a quick dance party in the kitchen – hip hop hits of Summer 2000’s anyone?! and it was off to bed!

Saturday was a gloomy day and we set off to visit with our close friends and their little ones!  We were only there for a few hours before having to head back home to get some more studying in- It is finals week after all… but we’re thankful they live close enough for a quick visit! We don’t get to see them as often as we’d like so we cherish the little moments 🙂

While the hubs studied and finished more homework, I headed over to a friends who was hosting a jewelry party.  I missed the majority of the party but welcomed the wine, apps and girl talk 🙂

The sun decided to come out for a little bit on Sunday so we hit up the golf course to do a quick round! Golf much, huh??  Jess and Jeff met us out and we entertained  annoyed the boys a little bit since we’re just THAT good!

It ended up being a fun weekend, all in all!  It was nice to be home for a weekend before every weekend is jam packed this summer.  I’m headed to Kansas tomorrow for work so I better go pack! Hope everyone has a wonderful and SUNNY week! 🙂

heart Kristi

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