Friday Favorites!

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Happy Friday Y’all!! Today, i’m linking up with some wonderful bloggers to share my Friday favorites! 🙂


The weather!! It’s finally showing some sun on the forecast for the weekend which makes me SO excited!  We haven’t seen sun in what feels like forever so we’ll definitely be taking advantage of the somewhat warm weather (high of 60.. not ideal but better than rain and cold!) and hitting the golf course for a quick round of golf!


On the course- before I put actual shoes on!


I just picked up these shorts… but also have my eye on these.  I LOVE all things leopard and after seeing them on Erika I knew I needed to give them a try!  J.Crew Factory usually has additional percentages off so keep an eye out for those if you’re looking to make a purchase!


Charleston, SC!  We are in the beginning stages of planning a fun trip with some friends for later in the Summer for the hubby’s 30th birthday!  I was originally planning a fun Surprise party for him in September but he isn’t super excited about turning the BIG 3-0 so a trip where he can golf on some of the best courses with friends is the plan!

I won’t be golfing but us girls will have fun touring the area and hitting up the beach! Any suggestions for fun places to stay/do in that area, let me know!


This was on my favorites two other times but last night was finally the Beauty and the Beast show at the dinner theater and IT.WAS.SO.GOOD! I had so much fun with my girlfriend celebrating her birthday and enjoying the show!  This was our first dinner theater experience and let me just say.. it was long!! I wish we could have enjoyed our meals during the show instead of before.  We shared a bottle of wine at dinner and I was ready for bed before the show started!  My favorite part was the beginning scene with This Provential Life.. with the whole town! Just love the music and brings me back to watching the movie as a child- it was my favorite!

We enjoyed Grasshoppers throughout the show – so that was an amazing dessert!

It was the hubby’s last week of bowling as well last night (play offs) and while they didn’t win overall, he kicked some serious butt!  Random fact about the hubs: He owns 6 bowling balls…. SIX!! And if we ever go bowling for fun or with friends, he brings ALL six… #mineswellgetyouruseoutofthem #alittleembarassing

He’s been on a bowling league for years- here’s a flashback to celebrating his 26th birthday at the alley! #yesiwasthatpersonbringingincupcakes #yesimadeeveryonesingtohim


This goes without saying BUT it’s almost the weekend… so that’s totally a favorite of mine 🙂 The hubs will be studying a bit for finals next week but we’re hoping to get in at least a few hours of fun time! We were supposed to go visit our dear friends in Lacrosse and their little one but with finals next week- we couldn’t be gone a whole night and/or that far! More on our weekend next week!!

And because Margaritas and fun girlie drinks are my favorite- I included the photos of what i’m hoping to enjoy a little of this weekend…

Hope you all have a wonderful and fun filled weekend! Get out there and see the sun a little bit!


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