Wedding Wednesday!

I missed all things wedding last week but am here to share some details of our reception!

We got married outside and our reception was indoors in a barn!  The barn had a loft upstairs and we made sure to decorate every piece of the area!  I was a little crazy when it came to our wedding- I mean, mapping/drawing out every little inch of space in the barn and what was going where!  We definitely wanted to make sure our wedding was personalized to us and not generic.

Here are a few pictures of the loft area 🙂

We tried to make the decorations as uniform as possible- at least for the most part!

We did a sign with both states Wisconsin (where we met) and Minnesota (where we live) as our guestbook to hang in our home after!  *We’re still deciding where we should put this in our house!

I loved our cake table- the rustic elements mixed with the glam 🙂 And that cake topper…

I handmade the hot cocoa favors (we also gave koozies!) with lots of wine and some help from friends 🙂 I thought they turned out pretty cute!

We used this beautiful buffet for our ceremony (pics to come next week!) and re-used it for our gifts!


We had a band as our entertainment and let me tell you… a band is the way to go! Seriously, the dance floor was packed the whole time and they played such a variety of songs, it was amazing!  To this day, we still get comments about how awesome our band was!


Don’t worry- we moved tables and made more room for dancing! 🙂

Our bar area was pretty great as well.. We featured signature drinks #minewasbetter #butithinkeveryoneorderedajohndaly


The night was filled with lots of dancing…

And we ended it with a Sparkler Send-Off!


I am so lucky I get to do life with this guy 🙂


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