Vibrant Tuesday

Can we just talk for a minute about my favorite brand and store… Lilly Pulitzer?? I have had a love affair with Lilly for the last 10+ years and will no doubt be passing it down to my children #girlorboy #hubbymighthavesomeissueswiththat #theyhaveboytiesrandomly

If anyone knows my hubby or myself, you know that we LOVE vibrant colors and have no shame in wearing neon orange, pink or green! #myhusbandwearsallorange #asmuchaspossible #wearingdarkcolorsisboring


Lilly just released their summer prints and they are to die for!! #likeidexpectanyless #morecolorthebetter   I picked up a few pieces when I was in FL two weeks ago and already have my eye on a few more dresses to add to my wardrobe!  They are so easy to just throw on with wedges for work or flip flops for a more casual day!

And if I lived closer to the beach i’d be all over these tote beach bags 🙂

And for your own entertainment- I’ve added a few pictures of myself in Lilly over the years!

Any of you as crazy about Lilly as I am?!  If you love the colors as much as I do but don’t love the price (who does?!) Lilly has a major SALE two times a year (normally August and January) for two days where the prices are slashed drastically! Definitely a good time to stock up 🙂 Don’t worry, follow along on my blog and i’ll be sure to give you all the details when the time comes!

Join me back tomorrow for Wedding Wednesday where i’m showcasing all reception details from our special day!



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