Oh Monday…

How I wish it was back to Friday and we had another weekend to just stay home?! I left for Chicago on the tail end of our 20 hour drive home from FL and flew out Tuesday through Thursday for a work conference so I welcomed a weekend home 🙂

Chicago was nice but I will take a weekend home with the Hubs and Pups any day 🙂


Meanwhile, I can’t stop eating this….

Friday night we met friends at the driving range to hit some balls since the weather finally hit over 60 degrees and the sun decided to come out and shine!  After attempting hitting the bucket of balls and socializing watching the boys putt, it was time for drinks and dinner on the patio!


After getting home, the hubby worked on homework and that was that for Friday!  Nice and easy 🙂

Saturday ended up being a beautiful day- weather wise!  While the hubby went golfing, I did some Spring cleaning.  I don’t have many pictures from this day; as they would literally be of the windows and screens and while they all look beautiful now… not very entertaining!  There’s something about Spring cleaning with windows open that just makes the day so much better; and the cleaning part!  We worked on our yard after the hubby got home from golfing and now I have an urge to plant flowers!!

After the fun day around the house, it was time for Jess’ birthday party!  She had a little backyard BBQ, lawn games and s’mores! Oh and some ice cream cake from DQ!  Definitely my kind of party 🙂

Sunday was a relaxing day of getting more done around the house and getting ready for the week!  I’m headed to Kansas for work next week so i’m hoping for a quiet week this week!

That’s it for the weekend- not too exciting and not a ton of a pictures but it sure was relaxing!


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