Weekend Recap :)

I can’t believe I’m already back sitting in our living room and our trip to Florida seems like it’s in the distant past!  The hubby and I drove down Wednesday afternoon (20 hours… which let me tell you.. does NOT go by fast!) and got back into Minneapolis around 4:50 this morning!  It was such a whirlwind!

Unfortunately we picked the ONE time that it was gross weather… Pouring rain on Thursday all day and overcast and windy on Friday. It never rains in FL, right? Ha! Finally, the sun came out Saturday in time for the wedding day – luckily and it was a beautiful day!

First things first, we hit up Waffle House on Thursday morning- per the Hubby’s request 🙂


We lounged around the condo for a little bit to try to relax a little bit- the 20 hours of driving plus only 3 hours of sleep was not ideal for us! So we did what any normal people on vacation do in the rain… play Sorry and Yahtzee and have some drinks! #andapparentlyplaygolfinthecondo

*on a side note- these little Malibu drinks were so so good!  The pink lemonade mix?? So good and so nice to just be able to stick a straw in it and sip away 🙂 Would have been PERRRFECT for the beach!

Oh yeah… and of course we stopped by Tropical Smoothie in the pouring rain so I could get my smoothie on!

Finally, the rain stopped around 5:30 and the hubs and I set out to get some drinks and seafood before I met up with the girls for some bachelorette festivities.

*We realized we were done asking the servers their favorite appetizer when all said their best appetizers were the fried seafood… #grilledplease #sauteedisfine #givemealltheseafood

I met up with the girls at McGuire’s for ladies night to get our dance on!  #freedrinks #keepemcoming

Friday morning we woke up to overcast skies and what seemed like 50 mph wind!  #seriouslyflorida #its70degreesinMN #theressomethingwronghere

Certainly not my beach day I was hoping for.. so I headed over to the new Lilly store in town to check it out. OH.MY.GOSH. This was THE cutest store in the world! No joke.. I forgot to take pictures of the actual store- and only took pictures of the fitting room but let me tell you…

After Lilly, I picked up the hubs and we went mini golfing at the putting course.  It went quickly but I only lost by 5 strokes so that’s a win in my book!

Afterwards, we ate and drank some more.. #thestruggleisreal #bringonthesangria #missingtheamberjackpicture #whencanwegoback

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner was on Friday and it was insane!!  The rehearsal dinner was at Tradewinds in Valp – there was SO much food it was unreal!  We had family style portions and I wish I had taken pictures of just how crazy it was!  We had four appetizers to try and four entrees family style- oh and some bread! #andofcoursemorewine #whereisallthebread The hubs doesn’t usually like any type of Italian food and he was even amazed!  After being more stuffed than comfortable we headed on back to the condo and passed out immediately! #foodcoma #whereistheicecream

Saturday morning I woke up and had the hubs drop me off at the Bay House with the ladies to get ready and have some Mimosas!  It was great getting to know the other girls in the bridal party and hope to keep in touch with quite a few of them 🙂  The day ended up BEAUTIFUL! The sun was shining and warm and the wind had died down- perfect!  The wedding decor was simple but so gorgeous!!  And dancing under the lights and stars that night was amazing!

It was so nice seeing old friends (girls, let’s please catch up more??? And not let so much time pass?!) and meeting new ones!

Once the music stopped and the dance floor cleared, we helped clean up the venue and then headed back to the condo to bed!  I am SO glad I was able to stand by Megan’s side as she said “I do” to the perfect guy for her! 🙂 Congratulations newlyweds!

She stood by my side 4 months ago and I’m so glad I could stand by hers! 🙂

It’s such a bittersweet feeling as we packed everything up the next morning to start the long drive home!  It was such a quick trip and so many people I would have LOVED to spend time with that I didn’t get a chance to.  Niceville and Destin will always have a big piece of my heart and I already want to plan the next trip down 🙂 Any takers??



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