Wedding Wednesday

I’m back much like every Wednesday talking nothing but wedding festivities 🙂 If you missed my bridal shower recaps you can see them here, here & here. Just a forewarning- this will be a LONGER post with quite a few pictures. Read on with caution 🙂

Today’s topic is all bachelorette madness!  My bachelorette party took place in Mankato, MN and consisted of lots of drinking with some of my favorite girls!  A girlfriend and I headed down Friday night from the cities and met up with my Matron of Honor, sister and other bridesmaid for a night of fun!

IMG_0106 (1)

The awesome shirts my Sister had made for the weekend 🙂

The girls got the room ready while I went down to find my Sister in the parking ramp.  The hotel we stayed at was nice and had a huge King suite that we were able to use for the first night- we had more than enough room for the 5 of us!  We drank a bit before dinner then walked over to an Irish pub for dinner- it was a little crazy with the hockey games going on but we didn’t mind having a drink or two while waiting for a table!

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel and played a little “Shot Roulette” and let me tell you… coconut water mixed with raspberry vodka.. not good!! We played this a little long and then went onto do a “wine tasting” with a few bottles of wine.  Needless to say, the first night was SO much fun and I’m so glad these girls ventured down a night early with me 🙂

The next morning we were all pretty slow to get up… it was definitely a rough morning and we were all a little anxious to see how our day of wine tastings was going to go!


After the end of the night Friday- #reallife #hotstuff #noshame

We cleaned up the room and headed to another room (the hotel messed up our reservations!!).  The other girls arrived and we headed out on the shuttle to our first winery! Chankaska was up first and Oh.My.Gosh did the girls pick the best winery to go to?! It was already all decked out for Christmas (my obsession) and was just so beautiful! The view was amazing too 🙂

The next winery we stopped at was Indian Island Winery in Janesville, MN.  This winery wasn’t decked out in Christmas decorations but was still fun to try!  They also had some food here so that was a nice score for the girls (anyone hungry with all this drinking??).


Love all these girls!

After we finished at the last winery, we headed back to the hotel so we could freshen up a bit and hang out before dinner.  Did I mention we were drinking Mimosas on the shuttle AND taking shots out of our rings?? Ugh I was not feeling good at this point! Between the night before, not getting much sleep and all the Mimosas and wine, I was done for.  Luckily the girls all brought TONS of snacks on the shuttle so we ate some of those at the hotel as well!

We ate some dinner at none other than Mexican 🙂 And I of course thought this..


SURPRISE! Tacos won out as usual.. #thestruggleisreal

And then moved on from thinking this because I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life!  We then headed out to a few bars… this is where I didn’t last long.  One thing to know about me is I LOVE TO DANCE- like go out and just dance frivolously around with my girls to some Lady Gaga and Kesha! #papapappokerface #ticktock It was my favorite thing in college and one of the things I miss most.  Now, I could never hang until bar close.. umm I’m in bed at 9 pm on week nights and 10:30 pm on weekends! So I was bummed we only made it to one actual dance (somewhat) bar before I needed to go home and puke my brains out! My Matron of Honor made the sweetest “Suck for a Buck” holder and I made $75 with about 30 suckers! I’d say that’s a win 🙂

We got back to the hotel around 10 pm- I wasn’t kidding when I said I clearly can’t hang anymore- or at least do the day drinking and drinking all weekend thing! #whyaminot21anymore #takemeback And the next day all the girls got ready to head out!


End of the night.. clearly!

I had my hair and makeup trial on Sunday in town, since this was near our wedding location and a few of the girls came!  It was a bit of a struggle.. no lie!

After deciding on a hairstyle and make up, it was time to hit the road back home! I seriously had SO much fun with all the girls and am so thankful for all the girls who drove down for me! I truly cherish all of you and wish we could re-do this weekend- and make it a little longer out to dance 🙂 But i’m not going to lie… I missed my hubby-to-be and puppies so it was nice to get home to them!

Next week we’ll be discussing the actual wedding day and all the fun details 🙂


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