Southern Charm is back..!

I have to say without a doubt, that I am so unbelievably excited to see Southern Charm back on TV!!  Charleston has been on my top places to visit the past few years and watching this show makes me want to visit even more!  I love the “old southern charm” of the town and hope to cross it off my list in the near future!


I have a confession to make – I might have a small girl crush on Cameran Eubanks- she is so down to earth, has a love affair with Lilly Pulitzer and says the funniest things!  Oh yeah and she has no shame sharing her love for McDonald’s and Wendy’s 🙂


I love the dynamic of the show and all the relationships amongst everyone.  Watching it makes me want to buy a cute little house right there and live the South Carolina lifestyle 🙂

The quotes below are from Cameran- tell me how you can’t love her after those?! She’s too funny!


  • It tastes like… drunk! – regarding the “punch” Whitney makes.
  • Typically polo is associated with ostentation- but I think it is so silly that people feel the need to get decked out when you’re walking around in horse shit!
  • I really don’t know Kathryn [Dennis] that well. There’s definitely a little bit of naiveté, but she’s beautiful and she has lots of eggs. And men, they can smell that.
  • He doesn’t even know what world he’s in- that man does not know where he is- he is a stumbling damn mess! Straight up!


  • “Here comes the Hot Mess Express- all aboard!”


  • “God… clap your hands, stomp your feet, Thank you Lord, it’s time to eat!”
  • In the south- all babies are beautiful.. So when you see a baby that’s downright ugly you say- awe, it’s precious! Look at that baby…. Ugly!!


  • I am on my way to cast my vote.. Because my voice matters, damnit!
  • Drama doesn’t just come into your life- you either create it or you surround yourself with it.
  • I did not grow up with butlers and chefs- I grew up eating Happy Meals.. that is what nourished us as kids..


Do any of you watch the show? It’s definitely one to try if you like “reality” TV shows!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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