Fitting Room Snapshots!

Happy Sunday! I normally am not a fan of Sundays.. I mean, that means tomorrow is Monday and it’s back to work for a whole week of work.  #canibeastayathomedogmomyet #isweariwoulddomorethanwatchtvallday #anddrinkwine

This week, however, we are heading to Florida for my girlfriend’s wedding so it’s only half a work week.. that should be manageable right??

Random fact: I work 5 miles from the Mall of America.  Yes, I realize that is amazing and yes, you can visit me ASAP!  I don’t go over there too often but it’s nice to be able to just pop over there on a lunch break!

Another random fact that y’all are so interested in…? I love me some Nordstroms.. like ridiculously out of control love! I’m not sure when this love affair started but it’s going strong!



The only thing better would be if I could shop around with a glass of wine.. Oh wait- I can in my own home! #passmethebottle #imeanaglass  #dontjudge


Bear with me now… I’m not a big “selfie” taker- or am I?? I can take a mean selfie with someone else but not a mirror selfie so these aren’t the best quality but I loved some of these pieces and had to share! 🙂


Apparently I’m in a red and coral phase!

I loved this tank- it was so comfy and flattering with the slits on the side!

This romper…. let me tell you… so great! I’m usually anti-romper on myself because I feel like they look goofy on me but I thought i’d give this one a try.. Y’all… I loved it! It was comfy and easy to just throw on!  It would be so easy to style as well.. just add a statement necklace and some cute wedges and you’re set 🙂  I’m all about ease and comfort!


This dress…. was insane!  It might not be the fanciest but it was so comfy and could be so cute for 4th of July with a navy scarf and some rainbows?! I really loved this dress and it’s under $50 so that’s always a huge plus!  A few others I love are this dressthis dress and this one.

I feel like I should have picked up this dress for Easter this year.  The drop waist silhouette is very flattering and I love the neckline!


I shared this top as part of my “Friday Favorites” a few weeks ago! I ordered the Electric Pink but saw the Neon Pink in store and had to try it on! I own this shirt in 4 colors- I’m THAT obsessed, yes and love the price!! *I didn’t bring this one home but I love my new pink one 🙂

This dress is SO cute! I’m not sure it would work for me outside of the dressing room due to having to wear a strapless bar but I really loved it when I tried it on!  #bustygirlproblems

Clearly the only things I worry about when buying clothes- comfort and ease!  If I can look cute and be comfy – i’m sold! I know this is different than my traditional blogs so let me know if this is something you guys like to see or if I should stick to my life instead 🙂


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