Friday Favorites!

I apologize for my lack of blogging this week.. I realized that sometimes we live a pretty boring life – which I won’t complain about since we have weddings every single month basically until the end of the year- but it doesn’t make for good blogging.. I mean I know you want to hear all about how I finished my bottle glass of wine and watched my hubby play video games… Oh yeah and we’re almost done with the whole series of the Office. Of course I ate more queso and margaritas last weekend- so that’s pretty exciting! Maybe I should blog more about my love of queso and chips… I mean, I know I haven’t shared that enough! But I realized we need a more exciting life – which seems to be on the horizon in order to keep up with our lives on this deal! For now i’ll just continue to finish my Starbucks and share my Friday Favorites! #skinnyvanillalatteplease


The world was right again on Monday when Southern Charm came back to Bravo.  If you haven’t watched this show – turn on your On Demand immediately. I promise it will entertain you and you will fall in love! #youcanthankmelater #orjustsendwine


My very favorite is Cameran – she is just hilarious and a girl after my own heart. She seriously eats McDonalds and Wendys (all of you who hate fast food restaurants- I don’t want to hear it!). Shep and Craig are the southern “hearthrobs” and it’s just a ridiculous and fun show to watch! I’ll be back next week sharing the reasons I love Cameran and her famous one-liners. #hotmessexpress #peterpansyndrome


The Masters is going on this week… and it’s a big deal in our household! My hubby usually takes two days off of work just to stay home- drink beer and watch some golf.  This year he’s actually working those days and has to just listen to it every now and then throughout the day – but you better believe it’s on our tv from the moment he gets home from work until bedtime!  He even had it on at 7 am for the first tee time yesterday morinng! I used to be beyond annoyed- who wants to watch golf? It’s like watching grass grow…- but then I actually started paying more attention and knowing the players and I actually really enjoy it now! I’m rooting for Rickie but seeing as how he did yesterday, i’m thinking I need to change my thoughts!



Y’all I know this third one should be embarrassing to the max- but i’ll own it. I love the TV show Catfish on MTV.  Nev and Max are doing something right with this show.#pleaseletmeknowifyouneedanewbff #orsomeonetobeontheshow #literallyaskedmyhusbandifwecouldfakeitsowecouldmeetthem #hethinksimcrazy  

It’s probably all fake but I don’t care, please don’t let me know! My first roommate in college and I used to watch it and I have to say I still love it.  Although I really do wonder how in today’s day and age (isn’t that the saying???), people are still able to get Catfished? Honestly though- if you haven’t been able to video chat or meet a person after 4 years and they are “gorgeous”- you are ridiculous! You are obviously getting catfished.. entertaining show for sure but c’mon people!! Anyone else watch this show?


Do any of y’all have this Keurig Kold?  Apparently it can make Margaritas and other alcoholic drinks- just by adding the tequila! And you can have fountain soda on demand- coke please! Has anyone noticed that McDonald’s has the BEST fountain coke ever?? Anyways – Yes I know it’s easier to just go buy the premixed margaritas or a fountain drink but this just seems so much more fun! And i’d have to say i’d be excited every time 🙂

Keurig Kold

Speaking of drinks- I just stocked up on quite a few bottles of champagne for the Mimosa Bar i’m creating for Megan’s big day next Saturday for us girls getting ready. I am so excited to drink those.. #obsessed please tell me how I can figure out how to have those every morning instead of coffee… I think that would start my day of a lot better 🙂 Everything is better with champagne, right?


I know this was already a favorite of mine in the past… BUT it’s almost time for our trip finally so it has to be included on my favorites!  We are headed to Destin next week and I am just so excited!  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t look to be super sunny or hot.. and it’s finally going to be 70 degrees in MN… (I really wouldn’t expect any less – if it’s anything like our other vacations) but i’m excited to sip some cocktails on the beach! I’m hoping for a little bit of sun and some warmth but either way it’ll be a fun trip- visiting with old friends and celebrating Megan and Ben.  Oh yeah, and getting alone time with the hubby!! #illtakethatanyday 


I, of course, have to mention Lilly as one of my favorites!  They opened a store in Sandestin and I can’t wait to go in and add some color to my closet!  I like to believe it’s getting me through this winter… although I only seem to be able to wear the dresses 5 days out of the year due to MN weather!! #notworthit #whenarewemovingbackdownsouth

That’s all I have for you guys today! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I’ll be packing away and getting ready for our trip! I’ll be back next week talking all things Southern Charm! ❤


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