Wedding Wednesday!

I’m sharing my last Bridal Shower today.. I know you’re kinda thinking i’m crazy.. I mean 3 bridal showers?! And sharing them every week..? but don’t worry next week will be all about my bachelorette craziness 🙂 I’m happy to document these things while they’re still fresh in my mind!

My final bridal shower was on Halloween 2015 at my Mama’s house.  She and my sister threw it for me for my Mom’s side of the family. A little side note- my Grandpa and Uncle passed away around Halloween (2005 for my Grandpa and 2014 for my Uncle) so it’s always really nice to be able to get together with that side of the family to remember how amazing both these men were to all of us!  Now back to the fun and crazy bridal shower 🙂

They had a fun Mimosa Bar- Yes please, my absolute favorite! #asidefrommargaritas #andqueso  They had an antique trunk for my gifts to go in and oh yeah- all my favorite foods including queso from my fave local Mexican restaurant and BBQ chicken wings!  It was seriously the best!

Love all of my family- my two nieces and sister- and Grandma 🙂

We played the traditional game of a toilet paper Bride’s gown! Everyone “numbered” off into groups- yes numbered! And more of the fun began!

We also played the “He said/She said” game since it was a new group of people and it was pretty funny to see people’s reactions to “The hubs-to-be said that?!!?” 🙂


Thankful to my sweet Mama for hosting a fun day 🙂

We finished the night off with Trick-or-Treating all together – (mostly all the cousins) which is so fun now that there are quite a few little ones!

So thankful for such a fun day and it felt bittersweet- I was sad I wouldn’t have any more festivities but then remembered I’d get a crazy weekend in Mankato for my bachelorette party in just a few short weeks!


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