27 things I’ve learned..

As my 28th birthday is fast approaching (in May) I’ve been reflecting more about my life and what I have learned throughout it.  There has been a lot of ups and downs (some roads were a lot bumpier than others) but I am happy for where it has lead me today.  I am so thankful for my wonderful friends, family and husband and am trying to live more in the moment!  Here are the 27 things I’ve learned over the last 27 years:

  1. To truly know your worth. In the workplace and in relationships, know that you matter and you are enough.
  2. When you find The One, be willing to compromise. Love is always worth it.
  3. Nothing means more to a friend than simply having you there, so make that extra effort — even if it’s literally the last thing you want to do — and simply be there.
  4. Sometimes people deserve second chances, and sometimes a third, too. Trust yourself. You’ll know in your heart when it’s time to step away from a relationship and move on.
  5. Always be thankful for all you have and never take any of it for granted-someone else is praying for less than what you have.
  6. There are more important things to worry about. Always.
  7. Love hard. Cherish the people you care about most. Treasure them. Show them how much you love them and tell them as often and as vivaciously as you can. You’ll wish you had when you don’t have the option to anymore.
  8. When you let your hair down, let it down. Get wild every once in a while.
  9. Be vulnerable. People respect authenticity more than perfection.
  10. Everyone says “Don’t go to bed angry,” but sometimes you just need to get some sleep and try again in the morning. Sleep brings a better mindset.
  11. Marrying my husband and knowing he will be a great father to our future children is one of the greatest gifts I can give them.
  12. Stay out late, eat dessert, skip your errands for a “do nothing” day, and let go of the guilt. You deserve to have fun, you deserve a break, and everyone deserves ice cream.
  13. To always wear bright colors – it makes any day sunny!
  14. Standing up for yourself doesn’t make you rude or confrontational. It makes you a strong, self-respecting person who values her own happiness.
  15. Friendship doesn’t mean talking every day, seeing each other every weekend or sharing the ins and outs of every moment. It’s knowing, unconditionally, that the love is there.
  16. Dinner planning is one of my least favorite things to do… especially when you’re as picky an eater as I am (Sorry Logan!).
  17. To forgive and let go of the past… for peace of mind for myself not for others.
  18. To be grateful for your health, not everyone is so lucky.
  19. Sometimes it takes 10 strokes to finish a hole in golf… its ok, enjoy the sunshine; everyone has to start somewhere.
  20. Who you work for is more important than what you do for a living. Make sure they value you.
  21. What it feels like to be truly loved unconditionally- no matter what I’ve done or what has happened.
  22. Life isn’t fair and kindness goes a long way.
  23. Life is incredibly short and we’re not always guaranteed tomorrow so stop living for all the “nexts” in life; a vacation, a birthday, retirement, a wedding, children… Enjoy this time in your life and all THESE moments- stop putting things off.
  24. Pray bigger.
  25. You can never please everyone… so worry about pleasing yourself and making yourself happy.
  26. Take pride in your career, and know that everyone has something to teach you. Ask questions, stay curious, and learn as much as you can about anything and everything
  27. We only get one life, make sure it’s worth every minute!

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