Weekend Recap

Oh Monday.. it’s you again. And just like that we’re back to the work week!  The weekends are just too short (and yes I know it was a longer weekend!).  I headed on down Thursday evening to my sister’s in Madison to spend a long weekend with my nieces, sister and Mama.  It’s about a 5 hour drive so unfortunately I don’t get down there very often but it’s always so much fun when I do!

We didn’t get down there until late on Thursday so we didn’t do a whole lot.  My nieces are in a scary movie phase so they’re going back and watching older scarier movies.  #clearlywererelated To that note, we watched The Others and ate lots of popcorn- my hubby does not care for popcorn or movies much (lame, I know) so when I get the option to partake in eating popcorn I jump right in on it! #ohyeahandwatchmovies

Friday morning, my nieces headed off to a movie and us ladies headed off to the Wollersheim Winery.  Random fact: My uncle used to host Christmas Eve every year and would have cases (my family does like to drink) of River Gold wine from the Wollersheim Winery and since then it’s always been my favorite!  But they don’t seem to sell it in Minnesota or at least where I can find it so I was pretty stoked to head to the Winery and try more of their wines.  We did the tour (which was pretty sweet!) and then of course did some tastings.  You get a complimentary tasting with the tour and then we chose to do another tasting after.  #givemeallthewine #andtheoystercrackers

Unfortunately we did not care for many of the other wines but it was worth the trip! #rivergoldforlife #theportwithbrandywillgiveyouallthefeels

Later that night, we met my Dad and stepmom out to watch the Badgers in the Sweet Sixteen! Interesting game up until the last 19 seconds! #whathappenedhayes #imightneedanotherdrink

After the game we came back and played games with the girls- sorry sliders and scrabble for the win- and watched Fuller House!  Love hanging with the girls low key! #howrude #shewolfpack #wealsohadmorepopcorn
Saturday we ran a few errands- and even ended up at Fazolis. #theworks #illtake5morebreadsticksplease

love my littlest niece!

We picked up a few of these bad boys because how can you say no to a pineapple drink and strawberry daquiri in your car?!  Now all we need is a tropical vacation… #inmydreams

seriously obsessed with the car freshners!

After we got back we headed out to play some tennis and pickleball. Needless to say it was very interesting.. at least I got a work out after all the breadsticks! #notanathleticboneinmybody #runtokeepwarm

We ran over to the Tyrannea Brewery in Lake Mills quick to pick up one of the hubby’s favorite beers- Three Beaches Honey Blonde. It’s literally NOWHERE to be found in Minnesota or Wisconsin so I thought we’d give the brewery a try to pick up a few cases for the hubby for Easter.  Unfortunately, after we got there all they had left was a 6 pack and none on tap. #isitseriouslythatgood  The bartender asked if I wanted to try one of their other beers that is almost similar – but I declined #notabeerdrinker #wouldntevenknowwhatimtasting #nothanks #givememorewineplease

It was actually a pretty sweet little brewery with an awesome patio area and live music!

After we got back, we played MORE games, ate MORE popcorn and of course watched MORE Fuller House 🙂 It was such a fun and relaxing time!

I left Sunday morning so I could celebrate our FIRST Easter holiday Married with my husband but not until after the girls found their Easter baskets and we were given ours from my Mama- #yeshesrollinghiseyes #hateswhenIsayourfirstholidays


We finished the day with lots of ham, potatoes and the Office! We’re obsessed with this show as I said before but we are going back now to watch the rest of the series after Michael left!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday!


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