Wedding Wednesday!

I thought i’d do a little recap of the wedding happenings up to the BIG DAY (for my own recollection in the future!) and share some of the details and DIY projects that were featured at our wedding!

My first Bridal Shower

I say my first because I was fortunate enough to have 3 bridal showers/luncheons.  I definitely felt the love and loved celebrating this amazing time in my life! My first bridal shower was in August and was thrown by my Matron of Honor and two bridesmaids.  It ended up perfect and was such a great time!  Full disclosure- I am not someone who is able to hand over the reigns for ANY event involving myself.  I planned our ENTIRE wedding myself down to every last detail so it was especially hard for me to trust in everyone for my showers/bachelorette craziness and not know what was going on!  #iwasridiculous #illjustplanmyownthankyou #needtoletitgo So, I’m sorry to be so controlling annoying to all of you wonderful people!  I truly appreciate everything you guys did for my showers! 🙂

My bridal shower was with all of my friends, coworkers and the hubs family!  It was held outside at Willow Tree Winery (if you’ve never been there and live in the area, it is a must!) which is the cutest little place!  The girls had catered in food (a ton of appetizers which is totally up my alley!!) and set everything up so cute!  It started to sprinkle that morning so they made sure to get some tents set up just in case!

The shower started off with going inside and participating in a free wine tasting- their wine really is so good!  If you want to know my favorites- Red Shed and Dew are among the top two!  This was nice to keep the flow going throughout the party and to let everyone mingle!  After the tastings, we then went ahead and dived into the food- yes please! #andofcoursethebottlesofwineaswell #keepbringingthewine

While everyone was eating, we played a little game- the “He said, She said” game which was a total hit!  Basically, you ask the bride and groom the same questions and then say a few of the brides answers and a few of the grooms and the guests have to guess who said what?! A few of the questions were: “What are you looking forward to most about being married?” “Where was your first date” “If you won a million dollars what would you do first? A.Go on a cruise B. Go shopping C. Eat at a nice restaurant or D. Invest” Umm I’d book a trip to a warm beach and THEN go shopping.. and probably eat at a nice restaurant, duh! But of course the hubs said “INVEST!!” Some of the answers were obvious who said them and others really stumped people! I think most people were surprised by some of the hubby’s responses #heissweetafterall #whatajokester  My favorite question and response was “What is your significant other’s best qualify” Hubby response: “She’s quick to forgive, loves unconditionally and always has the best intention in mind”.  I think i’ll keep him 😉

After the game, it was time to open up the gifts!  We played Bridal Bingo – to prepare for the gift opening. You write in the Bingo squares gifts you think the Bride will be opening and check them off if she opens them.  If you get a bingo, you get a prize! This kept the guests entertained while I opened gifts so that was a definite perk!

After the gifts, everyone continued to mingle and eat flip flop cookies (obsessed!) and cupcakes #LillyPulitzerstylegreenandpink and enjoyed the day! We also made sure to take tons of pictures of everyone who could make it!  I was lucky enough to have ALMOST all of my bridesmaids attend (We missed you, Megan!)

I loved seeing everyone who came and celebrating with the people I love! 11220787_10101218726858996_2135888896373102335_n

Thanks to Jason for taking all of these wonderful pictures so I can remember the day forever 🙂 P.S. Jason did a set of our Winter engagement pictures.. he’s amazing and one of our very dear friends!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂



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