Weekend Recap…

Welcome back!

It’s Sunday night which means tomorrow is already Monday… oh Monday… I can’t say i’m ready to see you.  For some reason the weekends just fly on by and before i’ve grasped that it’s the weekend, it’s already Monday. #whodecidedweekendswouldonlybe2days #letschangethiswhole5dayworkweekthing #canijustbeastayathomedogmomalready   I’m ready for Friday!!

Last week was a LONG week!  It seems the days go by so slow but then all of a sudden it’s the weekend. #nocomplaintshere  With the hubs back at school a few nights a week, it can sometimes be a little rough for the pups as well as myself! I felt like I had two children or at least one naughty child this last week! I felt like the following phrases were coming out of my mouth on repeat- “Destin, leave Leinie alone!” “Destin, stop pushing your toys under the wine table for me to come get them” “Destin, stop crying for said toy!” #Destinisallboy #yesIamawarehesapuppy #whycanthejustlisten Most weeks when I’m working from home or after work, they just lay in the office with me and are so sweet and snuggley and then there’s the other like last week where i’m like “Is it time for a drink yet?! Can I please get a Margarita- and make it a double?? and don’t forget the queso!”  Finally, 3:30 rolled around and I was ready to get happy hour with a girlfriend at Acapulco- Happy hour turned into chatting for 3+ hours and before we knew it the night was over #notreally- oh yeah and my handsome hubby met us for a few Margaritas as well so that was a plus!

After our Margaritas (and queso- can’t forget the queso!) Jess came back over and we watched a few shows on ID Discovery- has anyone ever watched shows on that channel..?? So insane and creepy (they’re all true stories) but yet it’s so hard NOT to watch them! Afterwards, I told Jess we should probably sign up for some self defense classes ASAP and only go places that have a good surveillance camera system! She agreed so basically that means we’re all signed up right? #wheredowefindthose #illforgetuntiliwatchthenextepisode #addittomytodolist  #nobutreally

When I woke up Saturday, I realized that apparently it’s winter in Minnesota again and did what any normal person would do-  started looking for houses in FL baked some Easter sugar cookies.  If you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE baking but after about half way through decorating them, I feel so annoyed that I even started!  Also, if you know me, you know that basically I love to celebrate EVERY holiday there ever was… because why not? And if gifts come along with it, I won’t complain!

The hubs and I then tried our luck at Bingo at Wild Bills but to no avail.  We even sat in the same booth I won in the last time I won (it was about 2 years ago!!).  Apparently the booth wasn’t my lucky charm, so we packed up and hit the road back home.  At least we still got queso (yes, again) and drinks! #mimosasforthewin #neverturndownqueso

On Sunday, the sun decided to finally shine and melt the little snow we got the night before! I took the pups for a long walk and then started to get our front porch ready for some flowers, color and a whole lot of prettiness. Now we just need summer to really show up so we can officially plant some flowers!  These are a few pictures of our front porch in Spring/Summers past!

I’ve made a new wreath for our door this Spring and just ordered the cutest flamingo doormat! I’m hoping to dig out the prickly bushes in the front of our house and plant some flowers #hardlyanyworkright? #imightneedsomehelpwiththose  Our house doesn’t have a lot of color (it’s gray with some brick) so i’m always looking for as many ways as possible to add some bright colors- and flowers are always my number one!


Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!





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