27 things I’ve learned..

As my 28th birthday is fast approaching (in May) I’ve been reflecting more about my life and what I have learned throughout it.  There has been a lot of ups and downs (some roads were a lot bumpier than others) but I am happy for where it has lead me today.  I am so thankful for my wonderful friends, family and husband and am trying to live more in the moment!  Here are the 27 things I’ve learned over the last 27 years:

  1. To truly know your worth. In the workplace and in relationships, know that you matter and you are enough.
  2. When you find The One, be willing to compromise. Love is always worth it.
  3. Nothing means more to a friend than simply having you there, so make that extra effort — even if it’s literally the last thing you want to do — and simply be there.
  4. Sometimes people deserve second chances, and sometimes a third, too. Trust yourself. You’ll know in your heart when it’s time to step away from a relationship and move on.
  5. Always be thankful for all you have and never take any of it for granted-someone else is praying for less than what you have.
  6. There are more important things to worry about. Always.
  7. Love hard. Cherish the people you care about most. Treasure them. Show them how much you love them and tell them as often and as vivaciously as you can. You’ll wish you had when you don’t have the option to anymore.
  8. When you let your hair down, let it down. Get wild every once in a while.
  9. Be vulnerable. People respect authenticity more than perfection.
  10. Everyone says “Don’t go to bed angry,” but sometimes you just need to get some sleep and try again in the morning. Sleep brings a better mindset.
  11. Marrying my husband and knowing he will be a great father to our future children is one of the greatest gifts I can give them.
  12. Stay out late, eat dessert, skip your errands for a “do nothing” day, and let go of the guilt. You deserve to have fun, you deserve a break, and everyone deserves ice cream.
  13. To always wear bright colors – it makes any day sunny!
  14. Standing up for yourself doesn’t make you rude or confrontational. It makes you a strong, self-respecting person who values her own happiness.
  15. Friendship doesn’t mean talking every day, seeing each other every weekend or sharing the ins and outs of every moment. It’s knowing, unconditionally, that the love is there.
  16. Dinner planning is one of my least favorite things to do… especially when you’re as picky an eater as I am (Sorry Logan!).
  17. To forgive and let go of the past… for peace of mind for myself not for others.
  18. To be grateful for your health, not everyone is so lucky.
  19. Sometimes it takes 10 strokes to finish a hole in golf… its ok, enjoy the sunshine; everyone has to start somewhere.
  20. Who you work for is more important than what you do for a living. Make sure they value you.
  21. What it feels like to be truly loved unconditionally- no matter what I’ve done or what has happened.
  22. Life isn’t fair and kindness goes a long way.
  23. Life is incredibly short and we’re not always guaranteed tomorrow so stop living for all the “nexts” in life; a vacation, a birthday, retirement, a wedding, children… Enjoy this time in your life and all THESE moments- stop putting things off.
  24. Pray bigger.
  25. You can never please everyone… so worry about pleasing yourself and making yourself happy.
  26. Take pride in your career, and know that everyone has something to teach you. Ask questions, stay curious, and learn as much as you can about anything and everything
  27. We only get one life, make sure it’s worth every minute!

Wedding Wednesday!

I’m back again talking all things wedding 🙂  As I mentioned in my previous post, I was fortunate enough to have 3 bridal showers total- the next luncheon we had was at Paisan’s in Madison with my Dad’s side of the family.  My sister was sweet enough to coordinate this luncheon with them that included appetizers, lots of Sangria and wine.  If you are in that area, you MUST try their Sangria! Perfect for a day on the patio by the water!

After our many drinks and some good eats, they showered me with gifts! They really outdid themselves!

The aunts then had the brilliant idea of a mini “Bachelorette” party since they would not be attending mine in the cities.  It was the first time, I really went out with them since I’d turned 21. #yesiknowimalmost30 #keepthedrinkscoming  We headed downtown to a few bars- to continue some day drinking!  There was never a time I didn’t have a drink in my hand – or shot thanks to my wonderful Aunts! #howilikeit  It was so much fun! We rode the bull (yes in a dress) and “drank” many “dirty girl scouts” and partied like we were 21!

One of my girlfriends from college, who I had not seen since college, met us out for a few drinks! It was like no time had passed when we got together- even though it had been 5 years! #werenotinecanymore #dancingatthepickle #andshenans #andinthedorms

It was such a fun night and I hope we’re able to all redo this night over and over in the many years to come!  I love my time with my Dad’s side of the family and it doesn’t happen often enough- so thankful for all the people in my life!


My wonderful Aunts! ❤

And so thankful to have such an amazing sister, to coordinate and put all of this together! This was the perfect way to help me celebrate my upcoming nuptials!

See you tomorrow for Thoughtful Thursday 🙂 I’m sharing 27 things I’ve learned in my 27 years!


Weekend Recap

Oh Monday.. it’s you again. And just like that we’re back to the work week!  The weekends are just too short (and yes I know it was a longer weekend!).  I headed on down Thursday evening to my sister’s in Madison to spend a long weekend with my nieces, sister and Mama.  It’s about a 5 hour drive so unfortunately I don’t get down there very often but it’s always so much fun when I do!

We didn’t get down there until late on Thursday so we didn’t do a whole lot.  My nieces are in a scary movie phase so they’re going back and watching older scarier movies.  #clearlywererelated To that note, we watched The Others and ate lots of popcorn- my hubby does not care for popcorn or movies much (lame, I know) so when I get the option to partake in eating popcorn I jump right in on it! #ohyeahandwatchmovies

Friday morning, my nieces headed off to a movie and us ladies headed off to the Wollersheim Winery.  Random fact: My uncle used to host Christmas Eve every year and would have cases (my family does like to drink) of River Gold wine from the Wollersheim Winery and since then it’s always been my favorite!  But they don’t seem to sell it in Minnesota or at least where I can find it so I was pretty stoked to head to the Winery and try more of their wines.  We did the tour (which was pretty sweet!) and then of course did some tastings.  You get a complimentary tasting with the tour and then we chose to do another tasting after.  #givemeallthewine #andtheoystercrackers

Unfortunately we did not care for many of the other wines but it was worth the trip! #rivergoldforlife #theportwithbrandywillgiveyouallthefeels

Later that night, we met my Dad and stepmom out to watch the Badgers in the Sweet Sixteen! Interesting game up until the last 19 seconds! #whathappenedhayes #imightneedanotherdrink

After the game we came back and played games with the girls- sorry sliders and scrabble for the win- and watched Fuller House!  Love hanging with the girls low key! #howrude #shewolfpack #wealsohadmorepopcorn
Saturday we ran a few errands- and even ended up at Fazolis. #theworks #illtake5morebreadsticksplease

love my littlest niece!

We picked up a few of these bad boys because how can you say no to a pineapple drink and strawberry daquiri in your car?!  Now all we need is a tropical vacation… #inmydreams

seriously obsessed with the car freshners!

After we got back we headed out to play some tennis and pickleball. Needless to say it was very interesting.. at least I got a work out after all the breadsticks! #notanathleticboneinmybody #runtokeepwarm

We ran over to the Tyrannea Brewery in Lake Mills quick to pick up one of the hubby’s favorite beers- Three Beaches Honey Blonde. It’s literally NOWHERE to be found in Minnesota or Wisconsin so I thought we’d give the brewery a try to pick up a few cases for the hubby for Easter.  Unfortunately, after we got there all they had left was a 6 pack and none on tap. #isitseriouslythatgood  The bartender asked if I wanted to try one of their other beers that is almost similar – but I declined #notabeerdrinker #wouldntevenknowwhatimtasting #nothanks #givememorewineplease

It was actually a pretty sweet little brewery with an awesome patio area and live music!

After we got back, we played MORE games, ate MORE popcorn and of course watched MORE Fuller House 🙂 It was such a fun and relaxing time!

I left Sunday morning so I could celebrate our FIRST Easter holiday Married with my husband but not until after the girls found their Easter baskets and we were given ours from my Mama- #yeshesrollinghiseyes #hateswhenIsayourfirstholidays


We finished the day with lots of ham, potatoes and the Office! We’re obsessed with this show as I said before but we are going back now to watch the rest of the series after Michael left!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday!


Friday Favorites


Happy Fri-yay!

Well looks like more snow happened for us.. #ithoughtitwassupposedtobeeaster #nothanks It feels as though Spring and Summer will NEVER happen around our parts of town! Today i’m sharing a few of my favorites and what’s on my mind!  Here’s hoping you all have the best Friday!!


Our trip down to Destin, FL for my girlfriend’s wedding next month!  #bringonthesun #andthebeach #ohyesandtropicalsmoothie It’s going to be so nice to be back in my home area and to see so many friends I haven’t seen in forever.  The last time I visited was in 2013 right before we bought our house (we closed the same week!) and I visited my Mama with my sister’s family.  I am more excited the the hubs is coming with me since he hasn’t been since the summer we first started dating in 2010.  I went down to stay with my Mama for the summer and work (as I did every summer in college) and he missed me so much (we’d been dating for 5 months) that he visited me twice and for a week both times! It was so much fun and was just wonderful being able to show him around all the places I love!  It will be a quick trip unfortunately but we’ll make the best of it! 


I just ordered these sandals and I am so excited to wear them this Spring and Summer! I love the price point and the fact that they will have my new monogram 🙂ce589cc6b44beff749b2c0a2b0d7f7

Exact Sandals


I made a few tassel necklaces using Magnolia Mamas tutorial for the basics.  They were super easy and fun to make.  I know tassel necklaces have been the trend for quite some time but I could never find exactly the colors I was looking for- at a price point I wanted to spend so finding this DIY was the best!  These are the few that I’ve made so far.



The hubby and I recently jumped on the Netflix bandwagon (yes, I realize we’re WAY late to the game!) to see what all the hype was about.  We binge watched a few shows together- mainly Parks & Rec to see if we could find another nonsense show like the Office!  We LOVE the Office and everything Michael Scott #thatswhatshesaid and although I was never really an Amy Poehler fan before, I’m a huge fan now!  #ronandleslieknopeforpresident We also tried to watch a few episodes of the Making a Murderer but didn’t get super into it.  It probably didn’t help that we’ve already heard so much about it and everyone’s opinions but maybe one day we’ll finish it.  I also, watched Hart of Dixie and LOVED it! I love anything Southern and just loved the little town of BlueBell- now bring it back for more Wade and Zoe 🙂 #howdidineverhaveaneighborlikewade Any other recommendations for shows we should start watching?!


Of course, Easter!  I am lucky enough to be spending the weekend with my Sister, Mama & precious Nieces (T & S)- did I mention that I have a 10 and 13 year old niece?! They are so sweet and fun to be around but live about 5 hours away so we don’t get to visit as much as we’d like!  The hubby is staying home for the weekend –  hoping he can golf.  But then he remembered we live in Minnesota where it’s still Winter for another 3 months… #itsgettingridiculous #whenwillspringgetthememotocomeback  We’re headed to a winery this morning for a tour (yes this morning!) and then getting some lunch and spending the rest of the day and night with T & S! Can’t wait for some girl time to kick Easter weekend off right! 🙂 Don’t worry i’ll be back in time to make sure the Easter bunny delivers my hubby’s Easter basket- it is our first Easter married after all 🙂 #husbandisalreadysickofhearingallthefirsts #istillhaveanother9monthstokeepsayingit 

That’s all for now.. i’m going to get back to family time as we celebrate this beautiful holiday and the real reason for the holiday!  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend with lots of sunshine and family!

Thanks for stopping by!


Wedding Wednesday!

I thought i’d do a little recap of the wedding happenings up to the BIG DAY (for my own recollection in the future!) and share some of the details and DIY projects that were featured at our wedding!

My first Bridal Shower

I say my first because I was fortunate enough to have 3 bridal showers/luncheons.  I definitely felt the love and loved celebrating this amazing time in my life! My first bridal shower was in August and was thrown by my Matron of Honor and two bridesmaids.  It ended up perfect and was such a great time!  Full disclosure- I am not someone who is able to hand over the reigns for ANY event involving myself.  I planned our ENTIRE wedding myself down to every last detail so it was especially hard for me to trust in everyone for my showers/bachelorette craziness and not know what was going on!  #iwasridiculous #illjustplanmyownthankyou #needtoletitgo So, I’m sorry to be so controlling annoying to all of you wonderful people!  I truly appreciate everything you guys did for my showers! 🙂

My bridal shower was with all of my friends, coworkers and the hubs family!  It was held outside at Willow Tree Winery (if you’ve never been there and live in the area, it is a must!) which is the cutest little place!  The girls had catered in food (a ton of appetizers which is totally up my alley!!) and set everything up so cute!  It started to sprinkle that morning so they made sure to get some tents set up just in case!

The shower started off with going inside and participating in a free wine tasting- their wine really is so good!  If you want to know my favorites- Red Shed and Dew are among the top two!  This was nice to keep the flow going throughout the party and to let everyone mingle!  After the tastings, we then went ahead and dived into the food- yes please! #andofcoursethebottlesofwineaswell #keepbringingthewine

While everyone was eating, we played a little game- the “He said, She said” game which was a total hit!  Basically, you ask the bride and groom the same questions and then say a few of the brides answers and a few of the grooms and the guests have to guess who said what?! A few of the questions were: “What are you looking forward to most about being married?” “Where was your first date” “If you won a million dollars what would you do first? A.Go on a cruise B. Go shopping C. Eat at a nice restaurant or D. Invest” Umm I’d book a trip to a warm beach and THEN go shopping.. and probably eat at a nice restaurant, duh! But of course the hubs said “INVEST!!” Some of the answers were obvious who said them and others really stumped people! I think most people were surprised by some of the hubby’s responses #heissweetafterall #whatajokester  My favorite question and response was “What is your significant other’s best qualify” Hubby response: “She’s quick to forgive, loves unconditionally and always has the best intention in mind”.  I think i’ll keep him 😉

After the game, it was time to open up the gifts!  We played Bridal Bingo – to prepare for the gift opening. You write in the Bingo squares gifts you think the Bride will be opening and check them off if she opens them.  If you get a bingo, you get a prize! This kept the guests entertained while I opened gifts so that was a definite perk!

After the gifts, everyone continued to mingle and eat flip flop cookies (obsessed!) and cupcakes #LillyPulitzerstylegreenandpink and enjoyed the day! We also made sure to take tons of pictures of everyone who could make it!  I was lucky enough to have ALMOST all of my bridesmaids attend (We missed you, Megan!)

I loved seeing everyone who came and celebrating with the people I love! 11220787_10101218726858996_2135888896373102335_n

Thanks to Jason for taking all of these wonderful pictures so I can remember the day forever 🙂 P.S. Jason did a set of our Winter engagement pictures.. he’s amazing and one of our very dear friends!

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂



Monogram Monday!

If you know me at all… you know I’m a little bit OBSESSED with Monograms 🙂 If I had it my way, our whole house would be covered in them #husbanddoesntunderstand #waituntilwehavekids

Clearly even my BFF Reese agrees 🙂 I thought I’d show a few of my favorites and my running wishlist which doesn’t seem to get any smaller but just keeps growing!

I ordered these super cute sandals after seeing them on a friend on Facebook last week.  I loved the Jack Rogers Monogrammed pair but didn’t love the price point so thought I’d give these a try.  Y’all… they are amazing! So cute, comfy and go with everything- best yet… they’re monogrammed 🙂  Keep an eye out for them on their “Flash Sales”- they have them every day!

ce589cc6b44beff749b2c0a2b0d7f7 Marley Lilly

Here is the Jack Rogers sandals I’m talking about if you want a more sturdy pair! I have a few pairs of Jack Rogers (without the monogram) and they are so comfortable! and truly do live up to the hype! I might just have to invest in a pair of these one day 🙂


Jack Rogers

I also recently purchased this cute monogrammed cross body and with a $14.99 price point, you really can’t go wrong! I love anything gold and polka dots so it was a no brainer! I can’t wait to wear this all the time this Spring and Summer! Random story: I had a pink regular cross body/clutch like this one and the chain broke on the inside- you can easily fix it by making sure the clasp is secure!  Well apparently it came loose again because mine broke while in the bathroom at the State Fair… and grossly FELL IN THE TOILET!!!! Yes you read that right- in.the.toilet. When I went to take it off ahead of time, it broke and the purse went right in there- luckily (I guess) we had a plastic bag to stick it in and carry around the rest of the day (mainly because I refused to grab my stuff out of it after it touched the toilet) #wheresthetrash but seriously…. could it have been any worse?!?!  Finally, after being traumatized and grossed out moving on over the last two years, I figured it was time to purchase a new one. Wish me luck with this one!  #atleasttherewasnothinginthetoilet  #stilldisgusting #howdoesthatevenhappen

0d110ac93fe4299a71a4a0ef6af7f1Marley Lilly

My hubby finally got the hint ordered this necklace for me before our wedding as they had a great sale for Black Friday- so he says (with my new monogram!) and it’s easily become my favorite necklace to wear!   I can pair with longer necklaces or on it’s own and it just brightens up any outfit 🙂 For size reference, I got the XL.IMG_4861

Love Always

You had me at seersucker + monogrammed! In love with these pillows and can’t wait to eventually get some on our bed! We’re still trying to pick a theme and colors for our bedroom (we’ve only been in our house for 2.5  years.. so clearly we still have time…NOT!!) so once we do I’d love to order a few monogrammed pillow cases to  brighten up our bed! The hubs would never go for pink in our room of course but maybe a future little girls room 🙂

il_570xN.613265694_mxntMonogram pillows

I also love these Lilly Flamingo pillows (not monogrammed) and can’t wait to dress up the outside with these! The hubs is supposed to work on a patio for us this summer if winter ever leaves and I can just picture these on a few wickers chairs!

62866-300Lilly Pulitzer Flamingo Pillow

I recently came across the Preppy and Personalized website and their items are so stinkin’ cute!! #oneofeverythingplease #imnotkidding

Weekender Bag                                  Shoulder Bag

This weekender AND matching tote are just darling and are definitely at the top of my wishlist! Their clothes are so cute as well- when we have kiddos, I will definitely be shopping with these ladies more!  The cover up isn’t monogrammed (bummer!) but I think i’ll picking it up for our trip to FL next month!

Pineapple cover up         Chambray Dress

Just a few items on my list! Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

heart Kristi


Weekend Recap…

Welcome back!

It’s Sunday night which means tomorrow is already Monday… oh Monday… I can’t say i’m ready to see you.  For some reason the weekends just fly on by and before i’ve grasped that it’s the weekend, it’s already Monday. #whodecidedweekendswouldonlybe2days #letschangethiswhole5dayworkweekthing #canijustbeastayathomedogmomalready   I’m ready for Friday!!

Last week was a LONG week!  It seems the days go by so slow but then all of a sudden it’s the weekend. #nocomplaintshere  With the hubs back at school a few nights a week, it can sometimes be a little rough for the pups as well as myself! I felt like I had two children or at least one naughty child this last week! I felt like the following phrases were coming out of my mouth on repeat- “Destin, leave Leinie alone!” “Destin, stop pushing your toys under the wine table for me to come get them” “Destin, stop crying for said toy!” #Destinisallboy #yesIamawarehesapuppy #whycanthejustlisten Most weeks when I’m working from home or after work, they just lay in the office with me and are so sweet and snuggley and then there’s the other like last week where i’m like “Is it time for a drink yet?! Can I please get a Margarita- and make it a double?? and don’t forget the queso!”  Finally, 3:30 rolled around and I was ready to get happy hour with a girlfriend at Acapulco- Happy hour turned into chatting for 3+ hours and before we knew it the night was over #notreally- oh yeah and my handsome hubby met us for a few Margaritas as well so that was a plus!

After our Margaritas (and queso- can’t forget the queso!) Jess came back over and we watched a few shows on ID Discovery- has anyone ever watched shows on that channel..?? So insane and creepy (they’re all true stories) but yet it’s so hard NOT to watch them! Afterwards, I told Jess we should probably sign up for some self defense classes ASAP and only go places that have a good surveillance camera system! She agreed so basically that means we’re all signed up right? #wheredowefindthose #illforgetuntiliwatchthenextepisode #addittomytodolist  #nobutreally

When I woke up Saturday, I realized that apparently it’s winter in Minnesota again and did what any normal person would do-  started looking for houses in FL baked some Easter sugar cookies.  If you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE baking but after about half way through decorating them, I feel so annoyed that I even started!  Also, if you know me, you know that basically I love to celebrate EVERY holiday there ever was… because why not? And if gifts come along with it, I won’t complain!

The hubs and I then tried our luck at Bingo at Wild Bills but to no avail.  We even sat in the same booth I won in the last time I won (it was about 2 years ago!!).  Apparently the booth wasn’t my lucky charm, so we packed up and hit the road back home.  At least we still got queso (yes, again) and drinks! #mimosasforthewin #neverturndownqueso

On Sunday, the sun decided to finally shine and melt the little snow we got the night before! I took the pups for a long walk and then started to get our front porch ready for some flowers, color and a whole lot of prettiness. Now we just need summer to really show up so we can officially plant some flowers!  These are a few pictures of our front porch in Spring/Summers past!

I’ve made a new wreath for our door this Spring and just ordered the cutest flamingo doormat! I’m hoping to dig out the prickly bushes in the front of our house and plant some flowers #hardlyanyworkright? #imightneedsomehelpwiththose  Our house doesn’t have a lot of color (it’s gray with some brick) so i’m always looking for as many ways as possible to add some bright colors- and flowers are always my number one!


Hope you all had a great weekend!

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A little peek into my world…

Welcome to my first ever blog post 🙂 I’ve always thought about starting a blog documenting our newlywed life (I only follow about a million of them!) but never knew if i’d have enough interesting ideas/topics to discuss and share!  Whether you share my love of DIY, weddings, fun fashion jewelry, Lilly Pulitzer or baked goods, I am just happy you stopped by!

I thought i’d start out by telling you all a few things about myself and my little world!

  1. I recently married the handsome and goofy love of my life this past December in an outdoor ceremony… did I mention it was in Minnesota?? And that I’m not a fan of being cold or being outside when it’s cold?! Needless to say, it was a pretty big shock to many people that we decided that for our wedding.. But at least it’ll be memorable!
  2. I moved a lot in my younger years… from Wisconsin to Florida back to Wisconsin and finally to Minnesota, where I currently live with my husband and two sweet puppies. Florida was hands down my favorite- I swear one day I will make sweetly convince my husband that we need to live below the Mason Dixon line.. Or at least somewhere it’s warm year round. If there’s a beach near by- I certainly wouldn’t complain!
  3. As mentioned before, I am a dog mama to two sweet puppies– Leinie (she’s four and yes she’s still a puppy) and Destin (he’s a year old and a crazy mess). Fun fact: They are actual siblings and we got both from my in-laws who breed the cutest puppies ever- Leinie was from the very first litter they had!


  4. I absolutely hate being late but somehow always find myself as the person who walks in at the last minute. Everything in the Twin Cities seems so close (it’s only like 20 minutes away right..???) but yet it’s always about double the time I think.. It seems to be a problem and I should probably work on it!
  5. I’m a really picky eater– like before we can meet people out at restaurants I have to look at the menu to see if I can find at least one thing I’ll eat… it’s awkward when people offer new restaurants to try.. And makes my husband roll his eyes ALL the time. Although in my vows, I did say I promise to try new foods every week… I think I keep forgetting that.. The struggle is real y’all.
  6. I try to go to bed by 9 every night.. Yes I realize that makes me seem very old BUT I am exhausted by the time it rolls around and I need to make sure I get as much sleep as I can.. Especially since our little monster sweet Destin gets up at 5:30-6 am EVERY morning… no sleeping in for him on weekends or any day of the week for that!
  7. Did I mention I work from home 3 days a week?! I never realized how much I’d love it until I was able to do it- getting up right before I have to start working (versus at 5 am the other days I go in the office!) and I can work in my pajamas… the BEST! Now if only I could figure out how to look this good while doing it!
  8. I’m obsessed with taking pictures and having pictures taken. My husband and I took 2 sets of Engagement pictures and 2 sets of Wedding photos and I loved every minute (and getting them back even more!). My husband on the other hand, despises having his picture taken and consistently makes goofy faces in every picture- how rude!
  9. I’m an extremely emotional person– like cry during commercials emotional. Hello, has anyone seen the Folgers commercials especially around Christmastime?? Also anytime we turn on a sad TV show (or crime shows) and it’s the last few minutes, I get emotional- even though I don’t even know the storyline. My husband tends to say “Why are you crying..?!?!” way too often. No shame here!
  10. I’m crazy obsessed with Christmas and everything associated with it. Anyone who knows me knows it’s out of control. There’s just something about the holiday lights, movies, decorations and the true magic of Christmas that just gets me so excited! One year I even wrapped all of our kitchen cabinets- and made sure the front porch glistened with overwhelming red lights. What can I say.. I’m a sucker for Santa and all his little elves. It’s the only time that I am happy to see snow- I’m still trying to figure out how to get rid of it the other 4-5 months it shows up! I think I hear Florida calling 😉


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂